A Son for Always

A Son for Always Author Amy Clipston
ISBN-10 9780718001889
Release 2015-02-17
Pages 95
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Carolyn and Joshua are thrilled to be pregnant with their first child together. Carolyn was just a teenager when she had her son, Benjamin, and she still feels solely responsible to secure his future. As Joshua watches Carolyn struggle to accept his support, he knows he has to find some way to convince her that she—and Ben—will always be taken care of.

The Mass in My Life

The Mass in My Life Author Rosemary Lunardini
ISBN-10 9781440109799
Release 2008-12
Pages 132
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The Mass in My Life is the story of a Catholic laywoman's lifelong experience of the Mass. She recaptures childhood experiences, traces a path to adulthood, and in her elder years finds a wondrous gratitude for the Mass. Along the way, family, friends, pastors, favorite authors, and the Mass itself lighten her way as she seeks, in the words of an old missal, "the God who is the joy of my youth." Personal and family memories are recalled side-by-side with selected prayers of the Mass from her collection of missals that covers seven decades. The meaning of the Mass unfolds as the years go by, marked by ordinary days as well as rites of passage. Each chapter focuses on a milestone or period in the author's life and a prayer from the Order of the Mass. The two themes, life and Mass, interweave chronologically in a unique twofold structure. There are rich and sometimes troubling memories of personal and family life here, but always an attentive longing for the Mass which the author sees as the transforming experience of her life.

The Couch and the Stage

The Couch and the Stage Author Robert J. Landy
ISBN-10 0765704498
Release 2008
Pages 277
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Via Corsa Car Lover's Guide to Northern California is the third guide published by Via Corsa. This exciting new travel guide covers the automotive history, museums, and race tracks of Northern California. Every August, the Monterey Bay Peninsula hosts the biggest and best collection of annual car shows, auctions, and races. Via Corsa is there to guide the most seasoned traveler through this busy week. The guidebook also features an exclusive look at Mario Andretti's Winery in Napa, California as well as a look at the background at one of the most renown race car drivers known.

A Father s Letter to a Son

A Father s Letter to a Son Author R. Latham
ISBN-10 9781598868272
Release 2007-07-01
Pages 327
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In a world increasingly designed to deceive and tear a person away from God, what can a Christian father do to ensure his children come to the knowledge of our Lord and the plan He has for them? Randall Latham's "A Father's Letter to a Son" is one father's approach to providing a guiding path to his son's spiritual growth. Addressing many of the spiritual issues facing teenage boys, "A Father's Letter to a Son" provides a father's perspective of these most important issues.

Folktales from Northern India

Folktales from Northern India Author William Crooke
ISBN-10 9781576076989
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 425
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The first single volume collection of classic Hindi folktales by translators William Crooke and Pandit Ram Gharib Chaube. * Includes the original versions of over 350 Indian folktales collected in colonial India during the 1890s * Introduction by Sadhana Naithani provides an overview of William Crooke's methodology and translation practices

Jesus and the Father

Jesus and the Father Author Kevin N. Giles
ISBN-10 9780310866381
Release 2009-08-30
Pages 320
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The doctrine of the Trinity is one of the cornerstones of Christianity. In Jesus and the Father, Kevin Giles wrestles with questions about the Trinity that are dividing the evangelical community: What is the error called “subordinationism”? Is the Son eternally subordinated to the Father in function? Are the Father and the Son divided or undivided in power and authority? Is the Father-Son-Spirit relationship ordered hierarchical or horizontal? How should the Father and the Son be differentiated to avoid the errors of modalism and subordinationism? What is the relationship between the so-called economic Trinity and the immanent Trinity? Does the Father-Son relationship in the Trinity prescribe male-female relationships in the home and the church? "Kevin Giles points out serious problems in the teaching that the Son is eternally subordinated to the Father and argues effectively for the full eternal equality within the Trinity. This book should be read by all who wrestle with the complex but crucial doctrine of the Trinity."—Millard Erickson, author, Christian Theology “By showing that subordinationism is a revival of a heresy that was systematically rejected by the non-Arian Church, the author reinstates the classical orthodox doctrine of the Trinity in all its scriptural majesty and grandeur.”—Gilbert Bilezikian, professor emeritus, Wheaton College “Giles skillfully places before us the stark choice which each generation of theologians must face: will we allow the Bible to speak its message about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to us, or will we use the Bible to advance our own agenda? This important book deserves to be widely read and carefully considered.”—Paul D. Molnar, professor of systematic theology, St. John’s University

Dreams And Tragedies

Dreams And Tragedies Author Nicole L. Hendrick
ISBN-10 1477167099
Release 2009-06-11
Pages 134
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Laurie and Mandy Winters have their entire world turned inside out, with a single phone call. Their parents were involved in a serious car accident; both lives are uncertain. As their journey progresses, Laurie loses control on her world as her younger sister loses grip on reality. Laurie suddenly finds extra support from an unexpected friend, someone that she never imagined that she would meet. With her encouraging words, will Laurie be able to pull Mandy back to them or will she be lost to them forever?

Daddy s Delight

Daddy s Delight Author Karia Bunting
ISBN-10 1575675528
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 240
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In Daddy's Delight, Dr. Karia Bunting reminds women that they are God's workmanship, His masterpiece, His "poema". That God has intricately woven together every fiber of their being and created each one special and unique. That God, having completed His work of art, gave her to mankind as a gift. Evident in this great care God took in fashioning woman is the importance and value of each one. So why do so many women struggle with God's design, wishing they could change just this or that one thing about themselves? Dr. Bunting challenges each reader to accept and embrace the fact that, in whatever season of life, she is God's masterpiece, not her own work of art. When God sees her, He sees His beautiful creation. A creation that has some wrinkles needing to be smoothed out, and yet is one in whom it is His delight to love.

Testimonies of the ante Nicene fathers to the divinity of Christ

Testimonies of the ante Nicene fathers  to the divinity of Christ Author Edward Burton
ISBN-10 BSB:BSB10397723
Release 1826
Pages 458
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Testimonies of the ante Nicene fathers to the divinity of Christ has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Testimonies of the ante Nicene fathers to the divinity of Christ also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Testimonies of the ante Nicene fathers to the divinity of Christ book for free.

My Son I Love You Forever for Always and No Matter What

My Son  I Love You    Forever  for Always  and No Matter What Author Suzy Toronto
ISBN-10 1598428691
Release 2015-03-01
Pages 44
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Best-selling author/artist Suzy Toronto has created this heartwarming keepsake book filled with words of wisdom and encouragement to remind your son of the incredible man he has become. Suzy's colorful and fun-filled illustrations add to the charm of this heart-tingling collection that every parent will want to give to their son to let him know that you will always believe in him and that you love him forever, for always, and no matter what.

He s Always Been My Son

He s Always Been My Son Author Janna Barkin
ISBN-10 9781784505257
Release 2017-08-21
Pages 220
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This inspiring and moving story, told from the heart of an extraordinary family, recounts the emotional and uplifting journey of raising a transgender son. Janna Barkin's family has come a long way since their child, Amaya, first told them he was a boy and not a girl and this captivating memoir charts the family's experiences of raising Amaya, from birth through to adulthood. With powerful chapters written by Amaya's family and friends, Janna shares personal stories of the support and discoveries her family has encountered and provides a 'care package' of advice for families facing similar issues, including a glossary of terms and a list of hand-picked support sources. Written with warmth and humor, He's Always Been My Son reminds us to accept others for who they are and will support, educate and inspire anyone who reads it.

You Will Always Be My Son

You Will Always Be My Son   Author Kelli Nielsen
ISBN-10 9781608440184
Release 2009-05
Pages 36
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"A sweet and sentimental journey from birth through childhood from a mother to her son. The tale is woven through vibrant images that capture the ages and stages during the process of raising a child. A lovely, heartfelt read." Cate Melcher, Director of the Children's Museum of Skagit County and mother to Maddy. "A heartfelt story of timeless love and the precious memories a mother cherishes as her child grows." Angie Guffie, 1st grade teacher and mother to Carson and Amelia. Kelli & Kelly Books for Kids is a dream come true for these long time friends with the same name. Started with the idea that they would provide a legacy for their children, these two women have found a niche in the busy industry of children's book publishing. The book is geared towards new mom's, and mom's that have already seen their child grow up. This book is for mom's that want to share that their love for their child never dies. This is a wonderful gift to give to your son at any age and it is especially sweet to share with your young boy so that he can see the boy growing up and that the mother son bond is forever and ever strong. The book offers a dedication to your son and makes for a wonderful gift at a baby shower or for a mom looking to find the words sometimes. It is a heartfelt and inspiring story that every mom can easily relate to.

The Tithing Dilemma and the Triumphs of Love

The Tithing Dilemma and the Triumphs of Love Author Leonard C. Bupanda
ISBN-10 9781467008082
Release 2011-11-04
Pages 312
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This book provides enough food for thought for those who want to find out more or even raise some objections to Leonard’s assertions and arguments. On the whole, it is a heart searching and thought-provoking book.

Always Forever

Always   Forever Author Melissa Hernandez
ISBN-10 9781628388107
Release 2014-10-30
Pages 24
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“Oh dear Elle, my wonderful and precious growing son, always and forever you’ll be my number one.” Always and Forever is an exquisitely written poem about a mother’s unconditional love for her son, Elle. She expresses her love to him in many ways as he is growing. And he will forever be grateful for his mother’s loving.

A Wake up Call

A Wake up Call Author James Jefferies
ISBN-10 9781597811835
Release 2005-04-01
Pages 148
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Jefferies addresses an extremely influential Christian theology that he feels corrupts the Gospel, perverts God's grace, dismisses sin, and produces false Christians and is embraced by numerous churches that call themselves Conservative, Evangelical and/or Bible-believing.

Closing Time Forever and Always 21

Closing Time  Forever and Always  21 Author E. L. Todd
ISBN-10 9781502822963
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Cassandra is swollen in her pregnancy, which makes her irritable and aggressive. While it annoys Mike, who stays home with her all day long, he keeps his mouth shut and remains sympathetic. But when he starts having dreams about hurting his baby, losing him at the supermarket, and accidentally dropping him, the fear kicks in. Unsure what to do, he turns to the best father he’s ever known—his own. Sean surprises Scarlet with a diamond bracelet and a surprise trip to a bed and breakfast. When Scarlet realizes it’s for their one-year wedding anniversary, she knows she completely forgot about it. After apologizing repeatedly, Sean brushes it off. But when she finds the receipt for the bracelet, costing Sean over a hundred thousand dollars, she’s pissed at him—livid. Flynn decides to get Hazel drunk because he says the sex is awesome. She’s more confident and carefree, telling him exactly what’s on her mind and how she feels toward him. But when they run into Zahara at the bar, Hazel doesn’t hold back. Dragging her by the hair outside, Hazel is ready to bash her face in right on the sidewalk. Flynn stands aside, wishing he had a bowl of popcorn to snack on. Ryan starts to feel unsure about his wedding day as it approaches. Not because he doesn’t love Janice or has faith in their marriage, but because he simply isn’t good enough for her. His mom is psychotic and abusive. Should Janice have to settle for someone who’s damaged goods? He finally decides to end their relationship, breaking up with her through a note before taking off. But will he go through with it? And if he does, how will Janice react? Perhaps their relationship isn’t as strong as they once believed. Cortland and Monnique end up taking their honeymoon to a new height. Instead of being gone for the two weeks as planned, they decide to make it two months, traveling through Europe and sightseeing. But when Cortland gets home, he’s unsure if he still has a job. Sean is accommodating—but is that accommodating?

Beautiful Brutality The Family Ties at the Heart of Boxing

Beautiful Brutality  The Family Ties at the Heart of Boxing Author Adam Smith
ISBN-10 9781446465776
Release 2012-06-07
Pages 384
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Boxing. The Sport of Kings. And for every king, there are kingmakers and princes, determined heirs and ruthless pretenders to the throne. Boxers may enter the ring alone, but behind them are their families, many of whom have spent a career in the fight game themselves. And all are caught up in this most beautiful but brutal of sports. Beautiful Brutality is the first book to examine the world of boxing from the perspective of family. With unprecedented access to the likes of the Calzaghes, Mayweathers, Hattons and Khans, Sky Sports boxing expert Adam Smith lays bare the raw emotion at the heart of the sport. How does it feel when your son is taking a pummelling? Can a father make rational judgements from the corner of the ring, in the frenzied atmosphere of a fight? And how much strength does a boxer take from his family, or the family figures that so many trainers and promoters become? Passionate, hard-hitting and with astonishing revelations about the world of boxing, Beautiful Brutality is written from the heart, by an author with a unique knowledge and experience of the fight game.