EKG Information

EKG Information Author Klaus von Olshausen
ISBN-10 9783798515512
Release 2005-12-27
Pages 366
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Als kompaktes, didaktisch bewährtes EKG-Lehrbuch wendet sich die neu bearbeitete 8. Auflage der EKG-Information an Medizinstudenten im klinischen Studium und an junge Ärzte, die klinisch auf dem Gebiet der Allgemeinmedizin und Inneren Medizin tätig sind. Ziel ist es, dem Anfänger ohne akademischen Ballast den erfolgreichen Einstieg "ins EKG" zu ermöglichen. Anhand der CD-ROM mit ausführlicher Befundung von 60 einfachen EKGs können erste grundlegende Erfahrungen in der EKG-Interpretation gesammelt werden. Dem erfahrenen Arzt bietet das Buch auf Grund seiner übersichtlichen Systematik rasche und qualifizierte Hilfe bei Fragen zu komplizierten EKGs.

EKG and EEG Multiphase Information Analysis

EKG and EEG Multiphase Information Analysis Author Genquan Feng
ISBN-10 UOM:39015032501184
Release 1992
Pages 231
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EKG and EEG Multiphase Information Analysis has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from EKG and EEG Multiphase Information Analysis also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full EKG and EEG Multiphase Information Analysis book for free.

EKG Information

EKG Information Author Klaus v. Olshausen
ISBN-10 9783662116333
Release 2013-07-01
Pages 352
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Didaktisch unübertroffen, komprimiert auf das Wesentliche, stellt Ihnen die 7. Auflage der EKG-Information aktuelles Praxiswissen zur Verfügung. Das Kapitel über Rhythmusstörungen wurde gründlich überarbeitet und erheblich erweitert. Die Bedeutung der einzelnen Rhythmusstörung und ihre Wertigkeit in der täglichen Praxis steht dabei im Mittelpunkt. Bestechend klare Abbildungen, z.T. neu, Schemata und Tabellen erleichtern Ihnen die Arbeit mit dieser bewährten EKG-Information.

The Only EKG Book You ll Ever Need

The Only EKG Book You ll Ever Need Author Malcolm S. Thaler
ISBN-10 9781451178364
Release 2012-03-14
Pages 352
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This popular and practical text presents all the information clinicians need to use the EKG in everyday practice and interpret hypertrophy and enlargement, arrhythmias, conduction blocks, pre-excitation syndromes, and myocardial infarction. It is an ideal reference for medical students in ICM courses, house officers, or anyone directly involved in patient care, whether student, teacher, or practitioner. • Four-color design to make models, illustrations and tracings clearer • More questions for faculty test generator • Numerous new tracings • Expanded sections on subjects where new developments have made deeper understanding possible including atrial fibrillation, long QT syndrome, apical ballooning syndrome and more • 200 facsimiles of EKG strips • Clinical examples to help students get a sense of the clinical use of EKG • Numerous case studies • Online companion site with fully searchable text and image bank. Plus, an interactive question bank for students, EKG Image with explanation test bank and test generator for faculty

Medical Electronic Laboratory Equipment 1967 68

Medical Electronic Laboratory Equipment 1967 68 Author G. W. A. Dummer
ISBN-10 9781483194820
Release 2014-05-12
Pages 1320
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Medical Electronic Laboratory Equipment 1967-68 provides information of a comprehensive range of electronic and nucleonic equipment for use in laboratories concerned with all branches of medical research. This book covers a variety of topics, including amplifiers, computers, chromatographs, gamma encephalographs, display systems, kidney function systems, scintillation cameras, and ultrasonic equipment. Organized into 10 chapters, this book begins with an overview of a wide-section of the equipment available in the specialized field. This text then provides general descriptive data of equipment with considerable operating and applications information. Other chapters consider a large number of illustrations showing equipment in use, as well as the case histories, analyses, and references. This book presents as well data from Europe, United States, and Japan that are useful as a practical guide and manual by all concerned with the acquisition, assessment, and use of electronic equipment for medical research. This book is a valuable resource for readers interested in acquiring medical electronics equipment.

Advances in Computer Information and Systems Sciences and Engineering

Advances in Computer  Information  and Systems Sciences  and Engineering Author Khaled Elleithy
ISBN-10 9781402052613
Release 2007-06-06
Pages 489
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The conference proceedings of: International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Technology & Automation (IETA 05) International Conference on Telecommunications and Networking (TeNe 05) International Conference on Engineering Education, Instructional Technology, Assessment, and E-learning (EIAE 05) include a set of rigorously reviewed world-class manuscripts addressing and detailing state-of-the-art research projects in the areas of: Industrial Electronics, Technology and Automation, Telecommunications, Networking, Engineering Education, Instructional Technology and e-Learning. The three conferences, (IETA 05, TENE 05 and EIAE 05) were part of the International Joint Conference on Computer, Information, and System Sciences, and Engineering (CISSE 2005). CISSE 2005, the World's first Engineering/Computing and Systems Research E-Conference was the first high-caliber Research Conference in the world to be completely conducted online in real-time via the internet. CISSE received 255 research paper submissions and the final program included 140 accepted papers, from more than 45 countries. The whole concept and format of CISSE 2005 was very exciting and ground-breaking. The powerpoint presentations, final paper manuscripts and time schedule for live presentations over the web had been available for 3 weeks prior to the start of the conference for all registrants, so they could pick and choose the presentations they want to attend and think about questions that they might want to ask. The live audio presentations were also recorded and are part of the permanent CISSE archive, which includes all power point presentations, papers and recorded presentations. All aspects of the conference were managed on-line; not only the reviewing, submissions and registration processes; but also the actual conference. Conference participants - authors, presenters and attendees - only needed an internet connection and sound available on their computers in order to be able to contribute and participate in this international ground-breaking conference. The on-line structure of this high-quality event allowed academic professionals and industry participants to contribute work and attend world-class technical presentations based on rigorously refereed submissions, live, without the need for investing significant travel funds or time out of the office. Suffice to say that CISSE received submissions from more than 50 countries, for whose researchers, this opportunity presented a much more affordable, dynamic and well-planned event to attend and submit their work to, versus a classic, on-the-ground conference. The CISSE conference audio room provided superb audio even over low speed internet connections, the ability to display PowerPoint presentations, and cross-platform compatibility (the conferencing software runs on Windows, Mac, and any other operating system that supports Java). In addition, the conferencing system allowed for an unlimited number of participants, which in turn granted CISSE the opportunity to allow all participants to attend all presentations, as opposed to limiting the number of available seats for each session. The implemented conferencing technology, starting with the submission & review system and ending with the online conferencing capability, allowed CISSE to conduct a very high quality, fulfilling event for all participants. See: www.cissee2005.org, sections: IETA, TENE, EIAE

Essentials of Health Information Management Principles and Practices

Essentials of Health Information Management  Principles and Practices Author Michelle Green
ISBN-10 9781439060186
Release 2010-03-02
Pages 432
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ESSENTIALS OF HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, Second Edition, is a comprehensive book that presents your first semester students with both theoretical and practical applications of health information management. The authors’ dynamic and unique approach to this topic targets those students who respond best to hands-on and visual learning. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Clinical Engineering Handbook

Clinical Engineering Handbook Author Joseph F. Dyro
ISBN-10 9780122265709
Release 2004
Pages 674
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Author Joseph Dyro has been awarded the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Clinical/Biomedical Engineering Achievement Award which recognizes individual excellence and achievement in the clinical engineering and biomedical engineering fields. He has also been awarded the American College of Clinical Engineering 2005 Tom O'Dea Advocacy Award. As the biomedical engineering field expands throughout the world, clinical engineers play an evermore important role as the translator between the worlds of the medical, engineering, and business professionals. They influence procedure and policy at research facilities, universities and private and government agencies including the Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization. Clinical Engineers were key players in calming the hysteria over electrical safety in the 1970's and Y2K at the turn of the century and continue to work for medical safety. This title brings together all the important aspects of Clinical Engineering. It provides the reader with prospects for the future of clinical engineering as well as guidelines and standards for best practice around the world. * Clinical Engineers are the safety and quality faciltators in all medical facilities.

Easy ECG

Easy ECG Author Hans-Holger Ebert
ISBN-10 9783131610911
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 240
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The Guide to Electrocardiography fills a gap between the EKG atlas and textbooks based on electrophysiology. Starting with the relevant anatomical information, the book provides instructive EKG lead diagrams and clear schematic drawings that will help familiarize the reader with characteristic EKG patterns and electrophysiologic principles. Electrocardiographic phenomena and the electrophysiologic events that underlie them are linked to practical implications for clinical diagnosis and treatment, providing the reader with a competent guide for navigating the sometimes difficult depths and shoals of accurate EKG interpretation.

Information Security and Assurance

Information Security and Assurance Author Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
ISBN-10 9783642133640
Release 2010-06-09
Pages 350
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Advanced Science and Technology, Advanced Communication and Networking, Information Security and Assurance, Ubiquitous Computing and Multimedia Appli- tions are conferences that attract many academic and industry professionals. The goal of these co-located conferences is to bring together researchers from academia and industry as well as practitioners to share ideas, problems and solutions relating to the multifaceted aspects of advanced science and technology, advanced communication and networking, information security and assurance, ubiquitous computing and m- timedia applications. This co-located event included the following conferences: AST 2010 (The second International Conference on Advanced Science and Technology), ACN 2010 (The second International Conference on Advanced Communication and Networking), ISA 2010 (The 4th International Conference on Information Security and Assurance) and UCMA 2010 (The 2010 International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Multimedia Applications). We would like to express our gratitude to all of the authors of submitted papers and to all attendees, for their contributions and participation. We believe in the need for continuing this undertaking in the future. We acknowledge the great effort of all the Chairs and the members of advisory boards and Program Committees of the above-listed events, who selected 15% of over 1,000 submissions, following a rigorous peer-review process. Special thanks go to SERSC (Science & Engineering Research Support soCiety) for supporting these - located conferences.

Zombie Notes EKG Basics

Zombie Notes EKG Basics Author Michele G. Kunz
ISBN-10 1933230401
Release 2011-02-01
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This laminated study chart includes the most important information healthcare professionals must memorize to successfully understand and interpret electro-cardio grams (ECG/EKG). This information is also very helpful for the American Heart Association (AHA) certification exams for ACLS, BCLS, and PALS. Although a lot of information is included on the two pages, it is easy to see, easy to read, and easy to follow. Many thousands of nurses and other healthcare professionals have used this study chart. These charts were first developed by Michele in 1985. They have progressed to their current form, and are kept up-to-the-minute accurate.¿Special Features: Mnemonics; Easy to read & follow; Thick, heavy-duty, baked-on plastic lamination.¿Watch a video about this study guide in HD on YouTube.¿See more about this study guide on Amazon.


UCSF News Author University of California, San Francisco
ISBN-10 UCSF:31378008233978
Release 1997-07
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UCSF News has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from UCSF News also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full UCSF News book for free.

EKG Information

EKG Information Author Klaus E. von Olshausen
ISBN-10 OCLC:607253476
Release 2005
Pages 366
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EKG Information has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from EKG Information also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full EKG Information book for free.

Die vektorielle Information des EKG

Die vektorielle Information des EKG Author R. Wirth
ISBN-10 9783642936067
Release 2013-03-08
Pages 128
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Die vektorielle Information des EKG has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die vektorielle Information des EKG also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die vektorielle Information des EKG book for free.

Rapid Interpretation of EKG s

Rapid Interpretation of EKG s Author Dale Dubin
ISBN-10 0912912065
Release 2000
Pages 368
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A caption explains the concept illustrated on each page, and a few simple sentences reinforce the concept with interactive ("programmed") learning, which links to the following page. --from publisher description.

EKG ECG Learn Rhythm Interpretation and Arrhythmias Easily

EKG ECG  Learn Rhythm Interpretation and Arrhythmias Easily  Author Russell
ISBN-10 1505489164
Release 2014-12-11
Pages 64
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Whether you're entering the medical profession or are already in it like me, you don't have the time to wade through extraneous foreword and pretentious terms to get to the point. My goal is to provide you with straight forward easy to understand information. So let's cut right to the chase and go on an electrifying EKG voyage! Here's why this book is so amazing. By the end of this book you will be able to: 1. Learn the Five Step Approach for interpreting EKG. 2. Be able to determine the rate of any rhythm. 3. Recognize common characteristics of abnormal heart rhythms. 4. Accurately identify abnormal heart rhythms. 5. Differentiate between life threatening and non-life threatening EKG. 6. Know the cause of an arrhythmia. 7. Know what symptoms correlate with the rhythms. 8. Be able to perform correlating nursing interventions. 9. Know the medical treatments. 10. Amaze your friends, family, co-workers and more importantly yourself! and MUCH more...

EKG Pocket Guide Quick Reference for EKG Interpretation

EKG Pocket Guide  Quick Reference for EKG Interpretation Author Cathy Lockett
ISBN-10 9780984525454
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 5
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Take some of the mystery out of interpreting EKGs by purchasing this compact, easy-to-carry pocket reference guide. Small enough to slip conveniently into the pocket of your uniform, the guide will help you quickly and systematically identify axis deviation, bundle branch blocks and hemiblocks. Features include key terms and definitions, clear and concise diagrams, and practical tips for interpretation.