Recollections Of An Amish Childhood

Recollections Of An Amish Childhood Author Moses L. Hochstetler
ISBN-10 9781469119649
Release 2009-11-14
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Recollections Of An Amish Childhood has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Recollections Of An Amish Childhood also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Recollections Of An Amish Childhood book for free.

Sacred Celebrations

Sacred Celebrations Author Moses L. Hochstetler
ISBN-10 9781483667096
Release 2013-09-05
Pages 120
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All scriptural references are from the King James Having grown up being steeped in this world’s culture, which to a great extent revolves around this world’s holidays, I know full well the great influence that celebrations involving music, art, and poetry can have on young minds. It is my hope that these poems and lyrics, based on God’s ordained Holy Days and the inspired words of God, can help develop the kind of culture among God’s people that will influence the children of God’s church in the right way. Some of these poems have already been put to music, and hopefully others will lend themselves to this venue as well. When referring to child rearing, a wise man once stated that if you take something away from a child, you should give them something else to take its place. While he was referring to a child who wants to play with something he should not, the same principle applies when we take away this world’s holidays that mean so much to children; especially those children coming into God’s church from the world. We need many more songs about the true Holy Days, the true church, and the good news of tomorrow’s world that our children can relate to and internalize. We need to develop a whole righteous culture based on true knowledge—a culture that celebrates true values and virtues with uplifting songs, jubilant dance, wonderful art, and positive literature with memorable poetry—to give to our children in place of the traditions and culture this present evil world offers. Some will argue that all these sacred Festivals and Holy Days were abolished with Christ on the cross, but careful examination of all the scriptures reveal otherwise. Luke records that after Christ died, the women prepared spices and ointments to anoint the body, then “rested the Sabbath day according to the commandment.” The gospel writers all agree that Christ gathered with His disciples to celebrate the Passover on the very evening before His crucifixion. The book of Acts shows the faithful believers and followers of Christ gathering together “in one accord” more than 50 days after the crucifixion for the Feastof Pentecost, called “the Feast of Firstfruits” in the Old Testament. Concerning the Days of Unleavened Bread, Paul told believers in Corinth to “keep the Feast.” Luke records that Paul, referring either to a spring or fall Festival, stated he “must by all means keep the feast that comes to Jerusalem.” Luke mentions other Holy Days and Festivals in the book of Acts. Jude, the brother of Christ, lamented that certain evil doers had crept into the church, and were “spots in your feasts of charity”—undoubtedly referring to those Feasts ordained of God. One cannot clearly see the incredible step by step plan God has for all of mankind without recognizing the outline for that plan as pictured to us by these sacred Holy Days: played out year by year in the very order by which God is carrying out His amazing plan of salvation. The poems in this collection have been written over a period of about 20 years. Several small booklets have been printed and handed out in a limited way to a number of members. Some have been sent to the elderly or infirm who were unable to attend the fall Feast of Tabernacles. Several requests have come from the brethren since, wanting copies of these earlier booklets which are currently out of print. More poems have been written and added to my collection since these were published; including a number of poems and lyrics for younger children. I would have desired for all these poems to be made available free of charge to all of God’s people, but being a man of limited resources, I knew of no way to do so. While it has never been my desire to profit from the brethren with these poems, the brethren could use second tithe funds during God’s annual Feast of Tabernacles to purchase this collection and defray printing costs. Perhaps in the future they can be used as fund raisers

The Amish Cook

The Amish Cook Author Elizabeth Coblentz
ISBN-10 9781607746690
Release 2013-12-24
Pages 192
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The Amish Cook, a full-color cookbook based on Elizabeth Coblentz's columns of the same name, compiles more than 75 traditional Amish recipes, photographs of the Coblentz farm, practical gardening tips, cherished family tales, and firsthand accounts of traditional Amish events like corn-husking bees and barn raisings. The column started when aspiring newspaper editor Kevin Williams convinced Elizabeth Coblentz, an Old Order Amish wife and mother, to write a weekly cooking column called "The Amish Cook." Each week Elizabeth shared a family recipe and discussed daily life on her Indiana farm, spent with her husband, Ben, and their eight children and 32 grandchildren. A truly unique collaboration between a simple Amish grandmother and a modern-day newspaperman, The Amish Cook is a poignant and authentic look at a disappearing way of life.

My Amish Childhood

My Amish Childhood Author Jerry S. Eicher
ISBN-10 9780736950077
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 256
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Bestselling fiction author Jerry S. Eicher (nearly half a million books sold) turns his pen to a moving memoir of his life growing up Amish. Jerry's mother was nineteen years old and nine months married when he was born. She had received Grandfather Stoll's permission for the wedding because she agreed to help out on the farm the following year. However, with Jerry on the way, those plans failed. Jerry recounts his first two years of school in the Amish community of Aylmer, Ontario and his parents' decision to move to Honduras. Life in that beautiful Central American country is seen through an Amish boy's eyes-and then the dark days when the community failed and the family returned to America, much to young Jerry's regret. Jerry also tells of his struggle as a stutterer and his eventual conversion to Christ and the reasons for his departure from the childhood faith he knew. Here is a must-read for not just Jerry's fiction fans, but also for readers curious about Amish life.

A View from the Buggy

A View from the Buggy Author Jerry S. Eicher
ISBN-10 9780736956871
Release 2014-06-01
Pages 240
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Most of us want a simpler life, and there’s no better example of the simple life than found among the Amish. But what is it really like to be Amish? In this delightful compilation of stories by more than 30 Amish men and women, you’ll get the inside story on the daily life of Amish families. With humor, grace, and charm, these “plain” people tell their stories; bringing tears, laughter, and an occasional dose of Amish wisdom to your heart. You’ll learn... how the Amish love their animals the joys of a community-wide barn-raising the ways the Amish handle great tragedy how the Amish find happiness in giving more than receiving This unforgettable book is compiled by two men who know the Amish. Author Jerry S. Eicher was raised as an Amish boy and Nathan Miller is a member of the Old Order Amish.

Anna s Crossing Amish Beginnings Book 1

Anna s Crossing  Amish Beginnings Book  1 Author Suzanne Woods Fisher
ISBN-10 9781441245458
Release 2015-02-24
Pages 336
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When Anna König first meets Bairn, the Scottish ship carpenter of the Charming Nancy, their encounter is anything but pleasant. Anna is on the ship only to ensure the safe arrival of her loved ones to the New World. Hardened by years of living at sea, Bairn resents toting these naïve farmers--dubbed "Peculiars" by deckhands--across the ocean. As delays, storms, illness, and diminishing provisions afflict crew and passengers alike, Bairn finds himself drawn to Anna's serene nature. For her part, Anna can't seem to stay below deck and far away from the aloof ship's carpenter, despite warnings. When an act of sacrifice leaves Anna in a perilous situation, Bairn discovers he may not have left his faith as firmly in the past as he thought. But has the revelation come too late? Amish fiction favorite Suzanne Woods Fisher brings her fans back to the beginning of Amish life in America with this fascinating glimpse into the first ocean crossing as seen through the eyes of a devout young woman and an irreverent man. Blending the worlds of Amish and historical fiction, Fisher is sure to delight her longtime fans even as she attracts new ones with her superb and always surprise-filled writing.

The Amish Widow s Secret

The Amish Widow s Secret Author Cheryl Williford
ISBN-10 9780373879632
Release 2015-05-19
Pages 224
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Widow Sarah Nolt never expected another marriage proposal. She hardly knows the handsome Amish man who's come to help with her barn raising. Besides, they're both still mourning the loss of their spouses. But Mose Fischer needs a caretaker for his daughters, and Sarah needs to escape her father's oppressive rule. They agree to a marriage of convenience, but when Sarah moves to Mose's Amish community in Florida, she can't help falling for the strong, kind widower and his little girls. To create a family, they'll have to come to terms with their pasts…and the secret Sarah is unknowingly carrying.

I Was Amish

I Was Amish Author Malinda Detweiler
ISBN-10 9781456869915
Release 2011-04-14
Pages 167
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I will personally have the chance to help enrich mankind’s knowledge of the Amish and a life of happy choices. I learned how to be a satisfied person fourteen years after leaving the Amish. I know I could have happy moments in either world. Yet I chose to have it away from the Amish where I could also have my own religious freedom. I treasured those moments. My story is told in the events of my life. Yet in the end, all done and said, I never regretted leaving the Amish or learning everything I did. I found the other side of misery. I learned that I believed in self respect and living a whole life which made everything complete.

The Amish Widow s Secret Hidden in Plain View

The Amish Widow s Secret   Hidden in Plain View Author Cheryl Williford
ISBN-10 9781488024887
Release 2016-09-01
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Two tales of Amish men and women looking for a second chance The Amish Widow's Secret by Cheryl Williford Widow Sarah Nolt never expected another marriage proposal. But Mose Fischer needs a caretaker for his daughters, and Sarah needs to escape her father's oppressive rule. They agree to a marriage of convenience, but when Sarah moves to Mose's Amish community in Florida, she can't help falling for the strong, kind widower and his little girls. Hidden in Plain View by Diane Burke After a tragedy rips through her Amish community, Sarah Lapp doesn't remember anything—including the shooting that landed her under the protection of handsome undercover cop Samuel King. Sam is determined to protect Sarah and her unborn baby in case the shooters return. Because if they do, it'll be more than just Sarah's memory at stake.

The Amish Wonders Collection

The Amish Wonders Collection Author Ruth Reid
ISBN-10 9780718084349
Release 2016-12-20
Pages 944
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A Miracle of Hope Lindie Wyse thinks an arranged marriage is the only way to preserve a future for herself and her unborn child. Josiah Plank is certain he’ll never love again, but he needs someone to care for his deaf eight-year-old daughter, Hannah. The two take on their arrangement tentatively at first but soon realize they are each in for more than they imagined. A Woodland Miracle For a disadvantaged young woman and a displaced young man, a lasting love is going to take more than chance—it’s going to take a miracle. A Dream of Miracles Amish widow Mattie vows never to love again . . . until a suspicious outsider with a shadowy past comes crashing into her fragile world.

Mennonite Historical Bulletin

Mennonite Historical Bulletin Author
ISBN-10 WISC:89067551648
Release 1970
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Mennonite Historical Bulletin has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mennonite Historical Bulletin also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mennonite Historical Bulletin book for free.

Imagining the Impossible

Imagining the Impossible Author Karl S. Rosengren
ISBN-10 0521665876
Release 2000-05-29
Pages 418
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This volume, first published in 2000, is about the development of human thinking that stretches beyond the ordinary boundaries of reality. Various research initiatives emerged in the decade prior to publication exploring such matters as children's thinking about imaginary beings, magic and the supernatural. The purpose of this book is to capture something of the larger spirit of these efforts. In many ways, this new work offers a counterpoint to research on the development of children's domain-specific knowledge about the ordinary nature of things that has suggested that children become increasingly scientific and rational over the course of development. In acquiring an intuitive understanding of the physical, biological or psychological domains, even young children recognize that there are constraints on what can happen. However, once such constraints are acknowledged, children are in a position to think about the violation of those very same constraints - to contemplate the impossible.

Love Inspired June 2015 Box Set 1 of 2

Love Inspired June 2015   Box Set 1 of 2 Author Carolyne Aarsen
ISBN-10 9781460391419
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 224
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Love Inspired brings you three new titles at a great value, available now! Enjoy these uplifting contemporary romances of faith, forgiveness and hope. THE COWBOY'S HOMECOMING Refuge Ranch by Carolyne Arsen Abby Newton knows she should stay away from the charming cowboy blamed for her family's downfall, but when she's roped into working with Lee Bannister on his ranch, will they rediscover the romance they've never forgotten? THE AMISH WIDOW'S SECRET by Cheryl Williford Desperate for help with his children, widowed dad Mose Fischer proposes marriage to widow Sarah Nolt. Could this be their chance for true love, or will Sarah's secrets rock the foundation they've built? SAFE IN THE FIREMAN'S ARMS by Tina Radcliffe Coming to the rescue of Maggie Jones is no hardship for hunky fire chief Jake MacLaughlin, but when the shy girl suddenly has a line of suitors, Jake will have to prove he's her perfect match!

Plain Pursuit

Plain Pursuit Author Beth Wiseman
ISBN-10 9781418575687
Release 2009-04-27
Pages 352
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Carley has given up chasing her dreams. Now her dreams are chasing her. Carley Marek experiences culture shock when she visits her friend LillianÆs family on their farm deep in Amish country. SheÆll get an article out of the visitùand maybe some of LillianÆs newfound peace will somehow rub off on her. Just when Carley is getting used to the quiet nature of the Plain community, Lillian and SamuelÆs son falls ill. But the local doctor who can offer the most help has been shunned by the community and forbidden to intervene. As DavidÆs condition deteriorates, Dr. Noah determines to do whatever it takes to save the boyÆs life. Carley is caught in the middleùdrawn to Noah, wanting to be helpful in the crisisùand confused by all their talk about a God she neither knows nor trusts. Carley must decide what in life is worth pursuing . . . and what to do when sheÆs pursued by a love she never expected.

Love Bears All Things

Love Bears All Things Author Beth Wiseman
ISBN-10 9780529119773
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 336
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Could God be o­ffering Charlotte a second chance at true love? Charlo­tte Dolinsky needs time to recover after breaking up with her boyfriend, Ryan. But when a surprise visitor shows up on her doorstep in Texas, she’s forced to put aside her own worries to help her Amish friends in Lancaster County. Soon she is entangled in a web of deception—and this time, she isn’t the only one keeping secrets. Daniel Byler struggles each day in his Amish community to heal from his fiancée’s betrayal. When he discovers that a member of his family is in danger of being shunned, his pain turns to fear. His only way to help is by partnering with Charlo­tte, a woman he barely knows who has already deceived them all before. Charlo­tte begins building a friendship with Daniel that she’ll need to lean on when more surprises surface from her past and she once again finds herself torn between two worlds. Will Charlotte’s friends in the Amish community be able to show her the power of redemption and lead her home? And can she help young Jacob realize that God offers second chances at happiness when she isn’t even sure herself?

Harlequin Love Inspired October 2017 Box Set 1 of 2

Harlequin Love Inspired October 2017   Box Set 1 of 2 Author Patricia Davids
ISBN-10 9781488018794
Release 2017-10-01
Pages 224
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Love Inspired brings you three new titles! Enjoy these uplifting contemporary romances of faith, forgiveness and hope. AMISH CHRISTMAS TWINS Christmas Twins by Patricia Davids After returning to her Amish community, pregnant widow and mom of twins Willa Chase is devastated when her grandfather turns her away. An accident strands her at the home of John Miller—jolting the reclusive widower out of sorrow and into a Christmas full of joy and hope for a second chance at family. AN ALASKAN CHRISTMAS Alaskan Grooms by Belle Calhoune Single mom Maggie Richards is ready to embrace a new future in Love, Alaska—restoring the gift shop she’s inherited in time for Christmas. But she gets a blast from the past when childhood pal Finn O’Rourke offers help. With both of them working together, will love become the most unexpected holiday gift of all? MENDING THE WIDOW’S HEART Liberty Creek by Mia Ross From her first meeting with Sam Calhoun, military widow and single mom Holly Andrews feels a surprising kinship. But she’s not looking for permanence. Working on a youth baseball league together rekindles dreams Sam had all but abandoned. Can he convince Holly to stay in Liberty Creek, with him, forever? Join to earn FREE books and more. Earn points for all your Harlequin purchases from wherever you shop.

Crossing Over

Crossing Over Author Ruth Irene Garrett
ISBN-10 9780062277107
Release 2013-02-26
Pages 208
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A work Booklist called ଯving and life–affirming, Crossing Over is the true story of one woman's extraordinary flight from the protected world of the Amish people to the chaos of contemporary life. Ruth Irene Garrett was the fifth of seven children raised in Kalona, Iowa, as a member of a strict Old Order Amish community. She was brought up in a world filled with rigid rules and intense secrecy, in an environment where the dress, buggies, codes of conduct, and way of life differed even from other Amish societies only 100 miles away. This Old Order community actively avoided all interaction with ೨e Englishߜ'96 everyone who lived on the outside. As a result, Ruth knew only one way of life, and one way of doing things. This compelling narrative takes us inside a hidden community, offering a striking look as one woman comes to terms with her discontent and ultimately leaves her family, faith and the sheltered world of her childhood. Unsatisfied, she bravely crosses over to contemporary life to fully explore the foreign and frightening reality in hope of better understanding her emotional and spiritual desires. What emerges is a powerful tale of one woman's search for meaning and the extraordinary lessons she learns along the way.