Solution Focused Brief Therapy with the LGBT Community

Solution Focused Brief Therapy with the LGBT Community Author Rebekka Ouer
ISBN-10 9781317591894
Release 2015-10-23
Pages 124
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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with the LGBT Community is a practical guide for mental health professionals who wish to increase their therapeutic skills and work more effectively with LGBT clients. This book shows how to help clients reach their goals in tangible, respectful ways by identifying and emphasizing the hope, resources, and strength already present within this population. Readers will increase their knowledge about the practical application of SFBT through case examples and transcripts, modified directly from the author’s work with the LGBT community, and by learning more about the miracle question, exceptions, scaling, compliments, coping, homework, and more.

101 More Interventions in Family Therapy

101 More Interventions in Family Therapy Author Thorana S Nelson
ISBN-10 9781317791454
Release 2014-07-16
Pages 511
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Inside 101 More Interventions in Family Therapy, you'll discover many revolutionary and flexible strategies for family counseling intervention that you can tailor, amend, and apply in your own practice. Designed to appeal to professionals of beginning, intermediate, or advanced level status, 101 More Interventions in Family Therapy caters to an even broader range of ethnic, racial, gender, and class contexts than did its well-received predecessor, 101 Interventions in Family Therapy. You'll also find that this volume encompasses a wider variety of family therapy orientations, including strategic, behavioral, family of origin, solution-focused, and narrative. In 101 More Interventions in Family Therapy, you'll have at your fingertips a collection of favorite, tried-and-true interventions compiled, revised, and delivered to you by the professionals who use them--the clinicians themselves. You'll gain valuable insight into: effective and useful assessment strategies therapy that addresses school and career problems questions to use in solution-focused therapy questions to use in narrative therapy ideas for resolving intergenerational issues Too often, the in-the-trenches accounts you need to help add variety and a high success rate to your own practice come to you piecemeal in journals or newsletters. But in 101 More Interventions in Family Therapy, you'll find 101 handy, easy-to-read, and fun ways to modify your own therapeutic styles for a truly diverse variety of clientele and settings right where you want them--in one volume, in one place. Even after a few chapters, you'll discover 101 reasons to be happy with the prospect of improving your practice. Specifically, some of the interesting tips and techniques you'll read about include: applying theater techniques to family therapy using an alarm clock and rubber band as props in clinical practice with children, couples, and families utilizing the “play baby” intervention to coach parents on ways to address their child(ren)'s concerns adopting a “Columbo therapy” approach--one in which the therapist acts confused and asks questions out of a genuine curiosity about the client's experience--to take a one-down position with clients creating a safe space in therapy and helping clients transfer it into their lives using homework to increase the likelihood of producing desired therapeutic outcomes

Strengthening High Risk Families

Strengthening High Risk Families Author Lisa Kaplan
ISBN-10 UOM:39015032482195
Release 1994-06-14
Pages 166
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A bold new paradigm for intervening with high-risk families. The authors recommAnd hands-on, family-centered assessment and treatment strategies to empower families to change. Special attention is given to treating families with physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, or homelessness.

Community and Agency Counseling

Community and Agency Counseling Author Samuel T. Gladding
ISBN-10 013521923X
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 480
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Well-written and user-friendly, this scholarly new introduction for community counseling and other counseling courses provides a thorough presentation of all aspects of community/agency counseling—in a readable, accessible format. Coverage highlights the common experiences of community counselors and relates those experiences directly to book concepts.

Current Index to Journals in Education

Current Index to Journals in Education Author
ISBN-10 MINN:31951P00746698H
Release 1999-04
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Current Index to Journals in Education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Current Index to Journals in Education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Current Index to Journals in Education book for free.

Social Work in the 21st Century

Social Work in the 21st Century Author Morley D. Glicken
ISBN-10 9781483315027
Release 2010-12-07
Pages 696
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A student-friendly introduction to the field of social work, social welfare, and the profession of social work, social issues, and social welfare Designed to get students excited about the profession and thinking critically about what social workers do and how they operate within the larger system, this Second Edition explores social issues in the United States, looks at how the social welfare system attempts to resolve these issues, and considers the many roles assumed by professional social workers within the social welfare system. This edition offers new and revised coverage throughout and reflects recent current events, including the historic 2008 presidential election, catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake, and government responses.

Peterson s Guide to Graduate Programs in Business Education Health Information Studies Law and Social Work 1997

Peterson s Guide to Graduate Programs in Business  Education  Health  Information Studies  Law and Social Work 1997 Author Peterson's Guides Staff
ISBN-10 1560796561
Release 1996-12-15
Pages 1718
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This guide contains listings for the most popular professions, covering over 13,000 programs in advertising, allied health, business, dentistry, education, health administration, human resources development, law, medicine, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry, public health, social work, veterinary medicine, and more.

Applying Counseling Theories

Applying Counseling Theories Author Aaron B. Rochlen
ISBN-10 UCLA:L0097735765
Release 2006-06-01
Pages 279
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Counseling Theories Applications, 1e offers the power of the Web and the promise of a true understanding of counseling theories. Unique in product design and intellectual approach, it combines a book, interactive cases and web-based learning into one innovative product. Flexible enough to support any core theories text, it is also simple enough for all course delivery modes. Using this multi-sensory approach, readers learn what therapists do, why they do it, and how basic theories can be applied in clinical settings. A central goal of this product is to help readers grasp the fundamental principles that govern the application of 16 counseling theories. From Freud to Feminism, the authors distill each theory into core principles for applying each theory. Each chapter translates the formal concepts, assumptions, and techniques of the theory into user-friendly guidelines for working with clients. Reading the book, one learns the essence of applying each theory and can delve into the original theorist's work, comprehensive theory books, or eclectic counseling approaches with clarity and understanding.

Encyclopedia of Counseling

Encyclopedia of Counseling Author Frederick T. Leong
ISBN-10 1412909287
Release 2008-04-25
Pages 1992
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CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title for 2009 2008 Best Reference, Library Journal “The scope, depth, breadth, currency, arrangement, and authority of this work reflect the thorough, in-depth approach of the entire editorial and publishing team . . . Advancing current thought and models in the field, this work provides an unparalleled attempt to approach this important subject from many perspectives. Moreover, each volume has a list of entries, a reader’s guide, and information about the authors and the contributors. The reader’s guide incorporates substantive topics, e.g. assessment, testing and research methods, biographies, coping . . . this is an essential addition to graduate and research collections.” —Library Journal Professional counseling involves helping clients, individually or in groups, or as couples and families, deal with various career, vocational, educational, and emotional problems. Whether performed by psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, or counselors, thousands of professionals throughout the United States, as well as the world, are providing counseling services to fellow human beings to help them address and resolve the various problems of living that exceed their coping resources and social support. The Encyclopedia of Counseling provides a comprehensive overview of the theories, models, techniques, and challenges involved in professional counseling. With approximately 600 entries, this definitive resource covers all of the major theories, approaches, and contemporary issues in counseling. The four volumes of this Encyclopedia are flexibly designed so they can be use together as a set or separately by volume, depending on the need of the user. Key Features · Reviews different types of counselors, their different professional identities, and their different models of graduate education · Examines important historical developments that have shaped the evolution of the counseling profession into its current form · Provides a comprehensive compilation of information about established and emerging topics in mental health and personal/emotional counseling · Addresses problems in personal/emotional counseling ranging from concerns about normal developmental processes and common life transitions to debilitating problems of great severity · Discusses the major social, scientific, and professional forces that have shaped the evolution of cross-cultural counseling and psychotherapy · Offers complete information on conventional and up-and-coming areas of interest in career counseling Key Themes · Assessment, Testing, and Research Methods · Biographies · Coping · Counseling—General · Economic/Work Issues · Human Development and Life Transitions · Legal and Ethical Issues · Organizations · Physical and Mental Health · Professional Development and Standards · Psychosocial Traits and Behavior · Society, Race/Ethnicity, and Culture · Subdisciplines · Theories · Therapies, Techniques, and Interventions This ultimate resource is designed for laypeople who are interested in learning about the science and practice of counseling. It is also a useful source for undergraduate and graduate students and professionals from other specialties to learn about counseling in all its forms and manifestations.

Treating Abuse Today

Treating Abuse Today Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015054490217
Release 1996
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Treating Abuse Today has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Treating Abuse Today also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Treating Abuse Today book for free.

Resources in Education

Resources in Education Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015079892843
Release 2001
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Resources in Education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Resources in Education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Resources in Education book for free.

Understanding Generalist Practice with Families

Understanding Generalist Practice with Families Author Grafton H. Hull
ISBN-10 053457937X
Release 2006
Pages 365
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Hull and Mather's book introduces students to the professional abilities needed when working with families. Using a generalist perspective, the book builds on the knowledge and skills students have acquired in other courses, and provides keen insight on the specific theories and skills associated with family systems and family practice.

Families in Society

Families in Society Author
ISBN-10 NWU:35556035747948
Release 2004
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Families in Society has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Families in Society also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Families in Society book for free.

Weit gegangen

Weit gegangen Author Dave Eggers
ISBN-10 3462042033
Release 2010
Pages 768
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"Weit gegangen" ist die wahre Geschichte von Valentino Achak Deng, der mit sieben Jahren alles verlor, was er liebte, weil der Bürgerkrieg über sein Heimatdorf im Südsudan hereinbrach. Er erlebte das grösste Grauen und glaubte sich oft verloren, aber die Hoffnung auf ein besseres Leben verlieh ihm stets die Kraft weiterzugehen. (Umschlagtext).

Using Technology to Improve Counseling Practice

Using Technology to Improve Counseling Practice Author J. Michael Tyler
ISBN-10 155620227X
Release 2004
Pages 295
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Ethical and legal issues are explored in detail, as are electronic counseling services. Relevant resources, Web sites, and software designed to enhance th counseling process are also included in this cutting-edge manual.

The School Services Sourcebook

The School Services Sourcebook Author Cynthia Franklin
ISBN-10 9780198039044
Release 2006-02-02
Pages 1248
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This comprehensive sourcebook covers every aspect of school service delivery, arming practitioners with the nuts and bolts of evidence-based practice. Each of the 114 chapters serves as a detailed intervention map, beginning with a summary of the problem area and moving directly into step-by-step instructions on how to implement an evidence-based program with distinct goals in mind and methods to measure the outcome. School-based professionals in need of ready access to information on mental health disorders, developmental disabilities, health promotion, child abuse, dropout prevention, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, group work, family interventions, culturally competent practice, policy, ethics, legal issues, community involvement, accountability, and funding can now find high-quality and easy-to-implement strategies at their fintertips. A concise, user-friendly format orients readers to each issue with a Getting Started section, then moves smoothly into What We Know, What We Can Do, Tools and Practice Examples, and Points to Remember. Quick-reference tables and charts highlight the most important information needed for daily reference, and lists of further reading and Web resources guide readers in gathering additional information to tailor their practice to suit their students' needs. Each chapter has been specifically crafted by leaders in their fields with the ultimate goal of giving school-based practitioners the tools they need to deliver the best mental health and social services possible to students, families, and communities. This is a must-have reference for all school-based social workers, psychologists, counselors, mental health professionals, and educators.


Psychopathology Author Susan Walker Gray
ISBN-10 UOM:39015062858777
Release 2006
Pages 429
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Features information outlining the competency based model for psychopathology, including cases illustrating the model in action. Presents strategies for building on client's strengths and resilience.