Sweet Soul Music Rhythm And Blues And The Southern Dream Of Freedom

Sweet Soul Music  Rhythm And Blues And The Southern Dream Of Freedom Author Peter Guralnick
ISBN-10 9781847676375
Release 2002-05-02
Pages 384
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In a narrative that captures all the tumult and liberating energy of a country in division and transition, Sweet Soul Music is the story of the birth of modern rhythm-and-blues. Guralnick records the rise and fall of Stax Records - the Memphis powerhouse label that produced a string of classics from the likes of Otis Redding and Booker T. and the MGs - and other labels such as Atlantic, as well as profiling such major artists as Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, James Brown, Solomon Burke and Al Green. A fascinating tale of a decade that produced some of the finest music ever.

Sweet Soul Music Enhanced Edition

Sweet Soul Music  Enhanced Edition Author Peter Guralnick
ISBN-10 9780316199438
Release 2014-11-04
Pages 384
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A gripping narrative that captures the tumult and liberating energy of a nation in transition, Sweet Soul Music is an intimate portrait of the legendary performers--Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, James Brown, Solomon Burke, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, and Al Green among them--who merged gospel and rhythm and blues to create Southern soul music. Through rare interviews and with unique insight, Peter Guralnick tells the definitive story of the songs that inspired a generation and forever changed the sound of American music. This enhanced edition includes: Exclusive video footage prepared specifically for the enhanced eBook that has never been seen before. Rare audio clips.

Sweet soul music

Sweet soul music Author Peter Guralnick
ISBN-10 2844851304
Release 2003
Pages 509
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Epopée humaine, ouvrage érudit, chronique d'une époque et de sa musique - Sweet Soul Music est tout cela à la fois, et plus encore. On peut lire ce livre comme une galerie de portraits, ceux des personnalités les plus marquantes de la musique soul du sud des Etats-Unis, et l'on part ainsi à la rencontre de personnages légendaires de la musique populaire noire, tous plus complexes et fascinants les uns que les autres : Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Solomon Burke, Otis Redding, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Isaac Hayes ou encore AI Green. On peut également y suivre une extraordinaire aventure humaine, celle de l'ascension et de la chute du label Stax - celui de Booker T. & the MGs, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave - et se plonger ainsi dans une époque clef de la culture populaire américaine, dans ces années 60 bouillonnantes où travaillent pour la première fois ensemble, non sans heurts, pleurs et grincements de dents, culture afro-américaine et culture blanche, musique sacrée et musique profane, tradition et innovation. Méticuleusement documenté, étayé par de nombreuses interviews, Sweet Soul Music se lit comme un roman - mais comme un roman vrai, celui d'hommes et de femmes qui ont changé l'histoire de la musique populaire et qui ont participé au grand bouleversement des mentalités raciales et sociales dont les effets se font encore sentir aujourd'hui. "Achetez ce livre ! Vous ferez une véritable affaire ! Vous n'imaginez pas le nombre de merveilleux disques que vous vous sentirez obligés d'acheter après avoir lu Sweet Soul Music ! " (Elvis Costello) "Sweet Soul Music fait partie du Top 5 de mes livres favoris." (Rob Fleming, dans Haute Fidélité de Nick Hornby).

Country Soul

Country Soul Author Charles L. Hughes
ISBN-10 9781469622446
Release 2015-03-23
Pages 280
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In the sound of the 1960s and 1970s, nothing symbolized the rift between black and white America better than the seemingly divided genres of country and soul. Yet the music emerged from the same songwriters, musicians, and producers in the recording studios of Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, and Muscle Shoals, Alabama--what Charles L. Hughes calls the "country-soul triangle." In legendary studios like Stax and FAME, integrated groups of musicians like Booker T. and the MGs and the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section produced music that both challenged and reconfirmed racial divisions in the United States. Working with artists from Aretha Franklin to Willie Nelson, these musicians became crucial contributors to the era's popular music and internationally recognized symbols of American racial politics in the turbulent years of civil rights protests, Black Power, and white backlash. Hughes offers a provocative reinterpretation of this key moment in American popular music and challenges the conventional wisdom about the racial politics of southern studios and the music that emerged from them. Drawing on interviews and rarely used archives, Hughes brings to life the daily world of session musicians, producers, and songwriters at the heart of the country and soul scenes. In doing so, he shows how the country-soul triangle gave birth to new ways of thinking about music, race, labor, and the South in this pivotal period.

The Encyclopedia of Popular Music

The Encyclopedia of Popular Music Author Colin Larkin
ISBN-10 9780857125958
Release 2011-05-27
Pages 1600
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This text presents a comprehensive and up-to-date reference work on popular music, from the early 20th century to the present day.

Sweet soul music Il rhythm n blues e l emancipazione dei neri d America

Sweet soul music  Il rhythm n blues e l emancipazione dei neri d America Author Peter Guralnick
ISBN-10 8862310587
Release 2009
Pages 359
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Sweet soul music Il rhythm n blues e l emancipazione dei neri d America has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sweet soul music Il rhythm n blues e l emancipazione dei neri d America also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sweet soul music Il rhythm n blues e l emancipazione dei neri d America book for free.


Soul Author Monique Guillory
ISBN-10 9780814730843
Release 1998
Pages 324
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No other word in the English language is more endemic to contemporary Black American culture and identity than "Soul". Since the 1960s Soul has been frequently used to market and sell music, food, and fashion. However, Soul also refers to a pervasive belief in the capacity of the Black body/spirit to endure the most trying of times in an ongoing struggle for freedom and equality. While some attention has been given to various genre manifestations of Soul-as in Soul music and food-no book has yet fully explored the discursive terrain signified by the term. In this broad-ranging, free-spirited book, a diverse group of writers, artists, and scholars reflect on the ubiquitous but elusive concept of Soul. Topics include: politics and fashion, Blaxploitation films, language, literature, dance, James Brown, and Schoolhouse Rock. Among the contributors are Angela Davis, Manning Marable, Paul Gilroy, Lyle Ashton Harris, Michelle Wallace, Ishmael Reed, Greg Tate, Manthia Diawara, and dream hampton.

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Author Bill C. Malone
ISBN-10 9781469616667
Release 2014-02-01
Pages 448
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Southern music has flourished as a meeting ground for the traditions of West African and European peoples in the region, leading to the evolution of various traditional folk genres, bluegrass, country, jazz, gospel, rock, blues, and southern hip-hop. This much-anticipated volume in The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture celebrates an essential element of southern life and makes available for the first time a stand-alone reference to the music and music makers of the American South. With nearly double the number of entries devoted to music in the original Encyclopedia, this volume includes 30 thematic essays, covering topics such as ragtime, zydeco, folk music festivals, minstrelsy, rockabilly, white and black gospel traditions, and southern rock. And it features 174 topical and biographical entries, focusing on artists and musical outlets. From Mahalia Jackson to R.E.M., from Doc Watson to OutKast, this volume considers a diverse array of topics, drawing on the best historical and contemporary scholarship on southern music. It is a book for all southerners and for all serious music lovers, wherever they live.

Scars of Sweet Paradise

Scars of Sweet Paradise Author Alice Echols
ISBN-10 9781466839793
Release 2000-02-15
Pages 432
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Janis Joplin was the skyrocket chick of the sixties, the woman who broke into the boys' club of rock and out of the stifling good-girl femininity of postwar America. With her incredible wall-of-sound vocals, Joplin was the voice of a generation, and when she OD'd on heroin in October 1970, a generation's dreams crashed and burned with her. Alice Echols pushes past the legary Joplin-the red-hot mama of her own invention-as well as the familiar portrait of the screwed-up star victimized by the era she symbolized, to examine the roots of Joplin's muscianship and explore a generation's experiment with high-risk living and the terrible price it exacted. A deeply affecting biography of one of America's most brilliant and tormented stars, Scars of Sweet Paradise is also a vivid and incisive cultural history of an era that changed the world for us all.

Singing in My Soul

Singing in My Soul Author Jerma A. Jackson
ISBN-10 9780807863619
Release 2005-12-15
Pages 208
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Black gospel music grew from obscure nineteenth-century beginnings to become the leading style of sacred music in black American communities after World War II. Jerma A. Jackson traces the music's unique history, profiling the careers of several singers--particularly Sister Rosetta Tharpe--and demonstrating the important role women played in popularizing gospel. Female gospel singers initially developed their musical abilities in churches where gospel prevailed as a mode of worship. Few, however, stayed exclusively in the religious realm. As recordings and sheet music pushed gospel into the commercial arena, gospel began to develop a life beyond the church, spreading first among a broad spectrum of African Americans and then to white middle-class audiences. Retail outlets, recording companies, and booking agencies turned gospel into big business, and local church singers emerged as national and international celebrities. Amid these changes, the music acquired increasing significance as a source of black identity. These successes, however, generated fierce controversy. As gospel gained public visibility and broad commercial appeal, debates broke out over the meaning of the music and its message, raising questions about the virtues of commercialism and material values, the contours of racial identity, and the nature of the sacred. Jackson engages these debates to explore how race, faith, and identity became central questions in twentieth-century African American life.

Soul Music A Z

Soul Music A Z Author Hugh Gregory
ISBN-10 0306806436
Release 1995
Pages 344
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Soul music was born as a synthesis of the call-and-response traditions of gospel with the secular - and often sexual - appeal of rhythm 'n' blues. From its birth with Ray Charles's "I Got a Woman" to its ongoing and widespread appeal today, soul has spawned a huge number of America's most important popular figures. Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Whitney Houston are just a few of the many soul stars who have become figureheads for American culture throughout the world. Soul Music A-Z is an encyclopedia of close to 1000 names from the exciting, funky world of soul music: the singers, musicians, producers, writers, and labels. From the gospel and blues roots to the international modern sounds, from the famous to the obscure, here is an absolutely unparalleled wealth of information and reference. Completely revised and updated with over 300 new entries, comprehensive discographies, and over fifty vivid photographs, this Da Capo edition of Soul Music A-Z will long remain the essential reference for anyone interested in the most vital American music of the last forty years.

A Change is Gonna Come

A Change is Gonna Come Author Craig Hansen Werner
ISBN-10 0472031473
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 468
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". . . extraordinarily far-reaching. . . . highly accessible." -Notes "No one has written this way about music in a long, long time. Lucid, insightful, with real spiritual, political, intellectual, and emotional grasp of the whole picture. A book about why music matters, and how, and to whom." -Dave Marsh, author of Louie, Louie and Born to Run: The Bruce Springsteen Story "This book is urgently needed: a comprehensive look at the various forms of black popular music, both as music and as seen in a larger social context. No one can do this better than Craig Werner." -Henry Louis Gates, Jr., W.E.B. Du Bois Professor of the Humanities, Harvard University "[Werner has] mastered the extremely difficult art of writing about music as both an aesthetic and social force that conveys, implies, symbolizes, and represents ideas as well as emotion, but without reducing its complexities and ambiguities to merely didactic categories." -African American Review A Change Is Gonna Come is the story of more than four decades of enormously influential black music, from the hopeful, angry refrains of the Freedom movement, to the slick pop of Motown; from the disco inferno to the Million Man March; from Woodstock's "Summer of Love" to the war in Vietnam and the race riots that inspired Marvin Gaye to write "What's Going On." Originally published in 1998, A Change Is Gonna Come drew the attention of scholars and general readers alike. This new edition, featuring four new and updated chapters, will reintroduce Werner's seminal study of black music to a new generation of readers. Craig Werner is Professor of Afro-American Studies at the University of Wisconsin, and author of many books, including Playing the Changes: From Afro-Modernism to the Jazz Impulse and Up Around the Bend: An Oral History of Creedence Clearwater Revival. His most recent book is Higher Ground: Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, and the Rise and Fall of American Soul.

The Columbia Guide to African American History Since 1939

The Columbia Guide to African American History Since 1939 Author Robert L Harris
ISBN-10 9780231510875
Release 2006-07-22
Pages 456
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This book is a multifaceted approach to understanding the central developments in African American history since 1939. It combines a historical overview of key personalities and movements with essays by leading scholars on specific facets of the African American experience, a chronology of events, and a guide to further study. Marian Anderson's famous 1939 concert in front of the Lincoln Memorial was a watershed moment in the struggle for racial justice. Beginning with this event, the editors chart the historical efforts of African Americans to address racism and inequality. They explore the rise of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements and the national and international contexts that shaped their ideologies and methods; consider how changes in immigration patterns have complicated the conventional "black/white" dichotomy in U.S. society; discuss the often uneasy coexistence between a growing African American middle class and a persistent and sizable underclass; and address the complexity of the contemporary African American experience. Contributors consider specific issues in African American life, including the effects of the postindustrial economy and the influence of music, military service, sports, literature, culture, business, and the politics of self-designation, e.g.,"Colored" vs. "Negro," "Black" vs. "African American". While emphasizing political and social developments, this volume also illuminates important economic, military, and cultural themes. An invaluable resource, The Columbia Guide to African American History Since 1939 provides a thorough understanding of a crucial historical period.

This Day in Music An Every Day Record of Musical Feats and Facts

This Day in Music  An Every Day Record of Musical Feats and Facts Author Neil Cossar
ISBN-10 9780857123626
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 384
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This Day In Music is the long-awaited book by Neil Cossar; a music diary presenting every day in the year listing the momentous musical events that have taken place on that day worldwide in the last 50 years. From Elvis to Lady GaGa, from rock and roll to rap, the book includes births, deaths, festivals, marriages, arrests, drug busts, famous gigs, awards ceremonies, number one singles and random musical trivia about musicians that bent the rules and much more. Fully illustrated throughout with pictures, press cuttings, album covers and ticket stubs, This Day in Music is a must-have book for any discerning music fan. Documenting key moments in music history, it also contains a chapter of ‘did you know?’ music trivia facts such the first record bought by musicians (Julian Casablancas from The Strokes bought ‘Faith’ by George Michael), artists real names (Marilyn Manson’s real name is Brian), worst jobs (Mark Stoermer, bass guitarist with The Killers, once worked as an organ/blood/body part delivery boy), first gigs and other entertaining random facts. This Day In Music brings together all the significant events in the history of rock and pop music in one giant diary. This Day In Music gives the facts, the figures, the dates, the times and the places, and most of all the stars, that made rock and pop the most vibrant art form of the 20th and 21st centuries. From Elvis to Lady GaGa, from rock and roll to rap, from 6.5 Special to X Factor, from Abba to ZZ Top and from New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve, here is all the information you need to know, set out chronologically so you can look up those dates that interest you or simply pore through the year, month by month, day by day. Former musician Neil Cossar a was the guitarist in the late 70’s - 80’s group The Cheaters, (who signed to Parlophone Records, but never troubled the charts). Continually gigging throughout 1982, they were awarded ‘Hardest working band of the year’ by BBC Radio 1 after playing 321 gigs and recording an album! During the 90’s Neil worked as a radio DJ in Manchester, England presenting a late night show which featured countless ‘new acts’ in session including Radiohead, Blur, The Charlatans, Lenny Kravitz, PJ Harvey, The Cranberries and Tori Amos. This Day in Music was first published in book form in 2005 and is now available in this vastly improved and expanded edition.

Making a Living in Your Local Music Market

Making a Living in Your Local Music Market Author Dick Weissman
ISBN-10 0793595622
Release 1999
Pages 304
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You can survive happily as a musician, composer and songwriter in your own local music market! The newly revised and expanded edition of this book will show you how. It includes detailed analysis of the latest regional music scenes that have developed; an extensive new section (written by Ron Sobel - vice president of ASCAP in Los Angeles) on opportunities for musicians and composers in developing and selling music in new mediums including the Internet, Greenhouse Channels, Theme Parks, and Desk Top Films; info on how music distribution and retailing is changing to meet the challenges of the 21st century; and many more essential tips. Also features a new appendix and a helpful Resources section after each chapter.

Rock Obituaries Knocking On Heaven s Door

Rock Obituaries   Knocking On Heaven s Door Author Nick Talevski
ISBN-10 9780857121172
Release 2010-04-07
Pages 700
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The fascination with tragedy and the subsequent theatre of voyeurism are part of human nature, especially when it involves our icons, celebrities and musicians. Knocking On Heaven's Door is the definitive book of rock 'n' roll, pop, R&B and blues deaths. Often, only the biggest selling artists are written about and sometimes it is the death of a personality that cements their iconic status. Knocking On Heaven's Door not only covers the rock legends who lived hard and died young, this detailed reference contains over 1,000 obituaries of music industry personalities, famous and obscure from mid-fifties to the present day. Alphabetical entries of all the important individuals, including: noteworthy producers, managers, songwriters, record company founders A&R men and even critics, puts all the information at your finger tips. Nick Talevski has spent a decade researching this comprehensive and authoritative reference book and it will be an indispensable and practical addition to every music library, full of irresistible and intriguing information.

It Came From Memphis

It Came From Memphis Author Robert Gordon
ISBN-10 0743410459
Release 2001-11-01
Pages 336
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Exploring interwoven threads of personality, coincidence, progress, and taste--all essentially unrelated to music--a veteran journalist explains how popular culture and business intersected in Memphis to set the stage for rock and roll well before Elvis arrived. Reprint.