The art of Peaceful Parenting

The art of Peaceful Parenting Author Sharon Turton
ISBN-10 9781925117653
Release 2016-04-26
Pages 135
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Discover the step-by-step path to peaceful parenting The Art of Peaceful Parenting is for parents who want a loving relationship with their child, but who struggle with day-to-day challenges of poor communication, behavioural issues or lack of connection. It guides you from a knee jerk reaction to a loving and empowered response, enhancing healthy communication and deepening the bond for years to come. This book is about connection ... a connection so powerful that it shapes our children’s lives. Sharon Turton has devoted herself to supporting parents and children, so they can grow to their full potential and deepen the precious parent/ child bond. Around Australia and internationally, she has been facilitating emotional release work and improving relationships for over twenty years. Her first book, Connecting Kids with Their Inner Potential, has improved the relationships of families around the world. ‘In The Art of Peaceful Parenting, Sharon explores the role of parents and adults in developing a child’s emotional intelligence and ability to express their thoughts and feelings in an open, safe and supportive environment. Using stories from her own direct experience, she demonstrates how our own emotions, shutdowns, triggers and responses directly impact our children and their development.’ Brandon Bays, international bestselling author of The Journey and The Journey for Kids.

Der Tag an dem ich aufh rte Beeil Dich zu sagen

Der Tag  an dem ich aufh  rte     Beeil Dich    zu sagen Author Rachel Macy Stafford
ISBN-10 9783843711142
Release 2015-05-08
Pages 304
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»Dafür haben wir jetzt keine Zeit«, war lange der Satz, den die Töchter von Rachel Macy Stafford am häufigsten von ihrer Mutter hörten. Die junge Frau verlor sich geradezu in ihrem hektischen Alltag, während sie versuchte, allen Ansprüchen gerecht zu werden. Bis es schließlich nicht mehr weiterging.Nicht für sie, nicht für ihren Partner und vor allem nicht für ihre Kinder. Rachel Macy Stafford zog daraufhin die Reißleine und beschloss, ihr Leben zu ändern. Sie entwickelte ein Programm für mehr Achtsamkeit und Gelassenheit und lernte so auch selbst, endlich wieder bewusst Zeit mit ihrer Familie zu verbringen.

Disziplin ohne Drama

Disziplin ohne Drama Author Daniel J. Siegel
ISBN-10 3867811261
Release 2015-07
Pages 330
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Disziplin ohne Drama has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Disziplin ohne Drama also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Disziplin ohne Drama book for free.


Parenting Author Shekhar Seshadri
ISBN-10 9788181930965
Release 2013-03-12
Pages 190
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Parenting has never been as tough as it is today. Modern life has excessive distractions, excessive independence, excessive materialism and diminishing spiritual values. This has made parenting complex enough for parents to wake up to the fact that it is time to seek help. This easy read will help parents to find answers to the questions that come up at various stages in the intriguing journey of raising children, the inevitable consequence of which is growing up along with them!

Parenting for a Peaceful World

Parenting for a Peaceful World Author Robin Grille
ISBN-10 9781550925814
Release 2014-04-14
Pages 500
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More than a parenting guide, this study of childhood is a powerful manual for social change.

Achtsame Kommunikation mit Kindern

Achtsame Kommunikation mit Kindern Author Daniel J. Siegel
ISBN-10 3867810826
Release 2013
Pages 256
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Achtsame Kommunikation mit Kindern has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Achtsame Kommunikation mit Kindern also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Achtsame Kommunikation mit Kindern book for free.

The Art of Empowered Parenting

The Art of Empowered Parenting Author Erik A. Fisher
ISBN-10 9780979027543
Release 2007
Pages 301
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The Art of Empowered Parenting provides a unique blend of sound advice with a healthy dose of information to educate parents on why they and their children do what they do. The Art of Empowered Parenting will help any parent become more vigilant of their impact on their children. Finally. Dr. Fisher's well-known perspectives on power and emotion are discussed to guide parents into a healthier pattern of parenting that fosters empowerment for all. Exercises, practical tips and organizational plans are placed throughout the book that bring the text to life to help parents apply what they have learned. Book jacket.

The Art of Parenting

The Art of Parenting Author Linda Jackson
ISBN-10 9789380297033
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 167
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No one is busier than the parents of young kids these days, for most of them, the demands and responsibilities that come their way are unending. Just as one task is completed, there are several more demanding their time and attention. Because they are so busy, it is all too natural for them to ignore misbehavior or disobedience of their kids that really should be addressed quickly, until finally it is too late to react in a rational and reasonable fashion. This book offers some easy and valuable tips of good and discipline-based parenting.

The Art Of Successful Parenting

The Art Of Successful Parenting Author Shaline Mitra
ISBN-10 8122306527
Release 2000-07-01
Pages 144
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This book contains ideas, strategies and techniques to correct your behaviou of your children, but first you must have a close study of your own behavior pattern and interaction with your child and improve them. There are times when we dispprove of their behaviour,and it makes us feel unhappy.Knowing how to react to such misbehavior is important. the book will help you in prevention of behavioral problems through right thinking and planning. In short this will tell you how to behave, so that your children too follow your rules of good behaviour.

The Art of Conscious Parenting

The Art of Conscious Parenting Author Jeffrey L. Fine
ISBN-10 9781594779763
Release 2009-09-28
Pages 272
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A new approach to creating, rediscovering, and renewing the intimate bonds between parents and children • Explains the importance of bonding with your child in utero and the physical and mental preparation needed even before conception • Shows how “green parenting”--breast-feeding, contact with nature, and low-tech creativity--can enhance your child’s life • The Art of Conscious Parenting won the 2010 Gold Nautilus Award for the best Parenting/Childcare book. The Nautilus Awards recognize books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living and positive social change, while at the same time stimulating the “imagination” and offer the reader “new possibilities” for a better life and a better world. Our first days and months of life are critical in forming the attitudes we bring into adulthood and in structuring the very roots of our personality. Simple bonding techniques--long forgotten in our modern world but stemming from the age-old customs of indigenous peoples--are at the core of a new model of conscious parenting that can produce happy and well-adjusted children. These practices also help parents experience an increased joy and intimacy both with their child and with each other. Based on obstetric and psychological evidence, Jeffrey and Dalit Fine reveal how bonding begins in utero and that the physical and mental preparation of both the father and mother, even before conception, sets the tone for the future well-being of the child. They show how sustained physical contact and simple ways of consciously interacting with your infant--eye contact with the newborn, baby-wearing instead of stroller use, and co-sleeping--have an observable positive effect. They also show that the “green parenting” practices of breast-feeding, contact with nature, and simple low-tech creative play not only provide a more hands-on and intimate approach to parenting but also are more economical and environmentally sustainable. From in-utero bonding through the challenges and joys of consciously interacting with your growing child, this book will help parents rediscover and apply the natural art of conscious parenting.

The Art of Conscious Parenting

The Art of Conscious Parenting Author Chitra Jha
ISBN-10 9789384544478
Release 2016-03-01
Pages 264
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The Art of Conscious Parenting has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Art of Conscious Parenting also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Art of Conscious Parenting book for free.

Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting Author Oli Doyle
ISBN-10 9781409167440
Release 2017-01-12
Pages 160
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Find peace and joy through stress-free, mindful parenting, with bestselling author Oli Doyle's six-week guide. In Mindful Parenting, bestselling author and mindfulness guru Oli Doyle provides a six-week guide to reveal how mindfulness can help us be completely present in the messy reality that is parenting. This inspiring, empowering guide to making your parenting journey a means to achieve peace of mind, will give parents the skills to enjoy every moment with their children. Key learnings include: how to move beyond beliefs about parenting and the need to be the perfect parent; learn how to appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life; and how to make 'not knowing' a positive opportunity in family life. The Mindful Living series is a new series of short mindfulness books dedicated to enhance three important areas of our lives: parenting, relationships and work. Oli Doyle shows that all the key domains of life provide great opportunities to practice mindfulness and discover peace of mind.

X Parenting

X Parenting Author Nicole Anderson
ISBN-10 9781514476871
Release 2016-03-24
Pages 146
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My personal parenting style can best be described as “Extreme Intentional Parenting” where every plan is purposeful, every experience is calculated, and every interaction is meaningful, all working towards the attainment of the stated goals. There are a handful of Fundamental Principles that form the basis of my beliefs about parenting, and then numerous uncommon “Laws” that guide the implementation of those philosophies. These Principles and Laws create the framework for my parenting system. This book is a collection of those very actionable Principles and Laws, supported with details and facts, and validated by real life observations and the incredible stories experienced by my five children. I most certainly have had very definite ideas around parenting for most of my life, and that factored heavily in the development of my own parenting style. Some of my parenting philosophies align with the knowledge of many “experts” in the field, both degreed professionals who have studied this subject extensively and the numerous parents with invaluable first-hand experiences. My other philosophies were born of my own visions, and a desire to reach a specific outcome. Regardless of how you might feel about my parenting style, I offer this uninhibited look into my parenting journey with my own children in the hope that the concepts introduced in this book offer alternative thinking and stimulate diverse conversation on the subject of parenting.

The Tao of Parenting

The Tao of Parenting Author Greta K. Nagel
ISBN-10 9781101666807
Release 1998-11-01
Pages 192
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Applying the ancient yet timeless 81 principles of Taoism to parenting, The Tao Of Parenting features instructive anecdotes from four families to demonstrate how Taoist teachings help parents raise good, healthy children. The stories are just as diverse as the families who tell them (a blended family featuring children from separate marriages, a couple with different cultural and ethical backgrounds, a single parent of twin boys, and a couple with different parenting techniques learning to compromise).Some of the Taoist principles used by these families include: *Do Not Think of Self. Shows the rewards parents receive by making their children their number one priority. *The material is fleeting, the spiritual is everlasting. Demonstrates the rewards of caring for those in need. *Do Not Be Authoritarian. Shows how to foster self-reliance and responsibility in children while supporting their efforts, rather than controlling their every move. *Follow the middle road; it is the heart of knowing. Offers the benefits of parents being neither too permissive or too strict, but rather adjusting the rules for each child and each circumstance. There are many more valuable lessons in this special book which can be used by parents of all faiths to help guide their lives and those of their children.


Jungen Author Steve Biddulph
ISBN-10 9783641141127
Release 2014-07-24
Pages 256
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Vom Autor des Weltbestsellers "Das Geheimnis glücklicher Kinder" Der australische Familientherapeut Steve Biddulph plädiert für ein neues Verständnis von Jungen: Sie gehen mit Leistungsdruck anders um als Mädchen und geraten häufiger in Schwierigkeiten. Biddulph zeigt Eltern, was in ihren Söhnen wirklich vorgeht, und erläutert, wie sie zu glücklichen und selbstbewussten Männern heranwachsen. «Ein Buch, von dem sich Erwachsene wünschen, ihre Eltern hätten es gelesen.» TZ, München

Essentials of Smart Parenting

Essentials of Smart Parenting Author Carl Guy Arinoldo
ISBN-10 1600214207
Release 2007
Pages 169
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On the surface, parenting seems pretty simple: a parent has to follow the path of his or her parents which produced such a wonderful gift to mankind as himself or herself. As soon as this path fails, they turn to the Internet or to the myriad shelves of books devoted to parenting in book shops. As soon as that fails, their hair turns prematurely silver or falls out, they go into mid-life crises and generally blame the lack of desired result on the corrosive influence of the other spouse. This newest addition to the literature presents something different -- smart parenting. It could have been called "thinking person's guide to parenting" as well because that is what it is. It is a book which lays out the essentials of this most perplexing, happy, sad and sometimes scary human endeavour.

Parenting as Partners

Parenting as Partners Author Vicki Hoefle
ISBN-10 9781351795241
Release 2017-04-21
Pages 190
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Very few families are perfect. But looking from the outside in, through conversations in the grocery store or clicking through social media, oftentimes it seems we are the only ones struggling with raising our kids or aligning with our spouses on parenting. The reality is that so many families struggle. Vicki Hoefle, three-time author, parenting coach, and sought-after speaker, offers a fresh, practical roadmap for achievable family—and marital—harmony and happiness. Her strategies work for everyone: whether you have young children and are just starting the parenting journey; are beginning to experience the first challenges of raising children in the 21st century; or if you’re facing crisis, stress, or the effects of divorce. Hoefle inspires REAL families and shows them how to invest in the relationship, focus on what is important, and experience the joy of living in a healthy, loving family.