The Truth about Referrals from Patients and Dentists

The Truth about Referrals from Patients and Dentists Author Dustin Burleson
ISBN-10 0991346823
Release 2016-01-15
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The Truth about Referrals from Patients and Dentists has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Truth about Referrals from Patients and Dentists also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Truth about Referrals from Patients and Dentists book for free.

No B S Guide to Maximum Referrals and Customer Retention

No B S  Guide to Maximum Referrals and Customer Retention Author Dan S. Kennedy
ISBN-10 9781613083345
Release 2016-02-22
Pages 281
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FACT: NOTHING IS COSTLIER OR MORE DIFFICULT THAN GETTING A NEW CUSTOMER. Business owners agree. The referred customer is far superior to the one brought in by ‘cold’ advertising. Yet most business owners will invest more money to find new customers than getting referrals from current, happy customers. Millionaire maker Dan S. Kennedy and customer retention expert Shaun Buck dare you to stop chasing new customers and keep an iron cage around the ones you already have. Kennedy and Buck present a systematic approach to help you keep, cultivate, and multiply customers so that your entire business grows more valuable and sustainable, and you replace income uncertainty with reliable income through retention and referrals. Learn how to: • Apply the #1 best retention strategy (hint: it’s exclusive) • Catch customers before they leave you • Grow each customer’s value (and have more power in the marketplace) • Implement the three-step customer retention formula • Use other people’s events to get more referrals • Create your own Customer Multiplier System • Calculate the math and cost behind customer retention Discover the referral-getting, sales-increasing, battle-tested tactics designed to help you build a thriving business for the long-term.

The Truth about Orthodontics A Consumer s Guide to a Beautiful Smile

The Truth about Orthodontics  A Consumer s Guide to a Beautiful Smile Author Dds MD Graham, John W.
ISBN-10 0615992722
Release 2014-06-29
Pages 94
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Your child needs an expander. Most people need permanent tooth extractions. You're too old for orthodontics. You'll be in treatment for about two years. Orthodontics is painful. Lies, lies, lies, lies and yes, more lies. The Truth About Orthodontics: A Consumer's Guide to a Beautiful Smile gives you the information you need to make the best decisions for your orthodontic care. Written by a doctor who is both an orthodontist and a physician, this fact-filled and entertaining book walks you through the basics, explaining old treatments versus new developments, and debunking the lingering lies that tend to feed people's fear of orthodontics, preventing them from enjoying the benefits a beautiful smile can provide. Discover how the current understanding of tooth movement has transformed smile design into a process that can be shorter and more comfortable. Now, you can be prepared with the knowledge you need to find the treatment that will most benefit your smile. Engaging, humorous, and easy to read, this book about orthodontics will actually give you something to smile about.

The Ultimate Ortho Handbook

The Ultimate Ortho Handbook Author Dustin Burleson
ISBN-10 0991346807
Release 2014-01-05
Pages 64
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This is no ordinary practice management book for the average orthodontist doing just one job. This book is specifically for the doctor who wears many hats and understands that treating patients is the easiest part of his day. This book will help drastically re-engineer all of the things they never taught you in dental school but that you have likely been doing wrong for years. If the strategies in this book are applied faithfully, your practice will soar and your personal freedom and liberation from the wear and tear of running a practice will finally set you free to serve others with passion, make more money, give generously to your employees and community and create an amazing legacy in the process.

Marketing Implant Dentistry

Marketing Implant Dentistry Author Marcus Hines
ISBN-10 9781119114512
Release 2015-10-26
Pages 192
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A large percentage of skilled dental professionals lack the tools and comfort level required to market themselves and their dental implant practices effectively As a consequence, these dental professionals miss several opportunities to help patients and grow their business. Even those who recognize the need for marketing often don’t have the experience or training to do so effectively. Marketing Implant Dentistry meets this need by giving dentists the tools to better market and promote their practices and to gain case acceptance. Marketing Implant Dentistry presents proven approaches for attracting dental implant patients and demonstrates the use of successful communication skills, including verbal and visual aids. This book details multiple examples of patient friendly and professional letters for use in targeting both new implant patients and professional referral sources. Readers will learn the benefits of adopting non-traditional approaches such as hosting patient education seminars, as well as cultivating professional relationships with the medical community (physicians) for the purposes of generating untapped referral relationships. Best practices in internet and social media marketing, specific to implant dentistry, are also demonstrated so practices can make the most out of these low-cost opportunities. Improve case presentation techniques using visual aids, empathy, and concise phrasing Gain more referrals through general dentists and medical doctors in a range of specialties Learn the importance of marketing to an untapped database of patients with missing teeth Take advantage of web marketing and social media sites

If Trump Ran Your Orthodontic Practice

If Trump Ran Your Orthodontic Practice Author Dustin Burleson
ISBN-10 0991346858
Release 2016-12-12
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If you own an orthodontic practice or know someone who does, I urge you to purchase Dustin Burleson's latest book. Discover how 5 simple but powerful secrets propelled Donald Trump to the White House and what you can learn from these strategies to grow your orthodontic practice, enjoy total financial freedom and live a life you love.

Stop Hiding Your Smile a Parent s Guide to Confidently Choosing an Orthodontist

Stop Hiding Your Smile  a Parent s Guide to Confidently Choosing an Orthodontist Author D. D. S. Dustin S. Burleson
ISBN-10 1600476279
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 104
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Is your child hiding his or her smile? Are you worried about how his or her (crooked) smile might affect his future? If so, speaker, teacher and author Dr. Dustin Burleson has a message for you and your child: "Stop Hiding Your Smile!" Stop Hiding Your Smile is a guide for parents who are unfamiliar with orthodontics. Maybe you never had braces as a child, but you want to provide this important investment for your children. Like any unfamiliar endeavor, the initial steps can be overwhelming. Giving you the confidence to make decisions about the timing of your child's orthodontic treatment is the basic goal of this publication. In fact, this book answers two dozen of the most commonly asked questions about orthodontics. Stop Hiding Your Smile is easy to read and will serve as a quick reference and valuable resource in the journey of improving your child's smile.

The Ortho Manifesto

The Ortho Manifesto Author Dr Dustin Burleson
ISBN-10 1599328143
Release 2016-09-15
Pages 272
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The Ortho Manifesto has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Ortho Manifesto also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Ortho Manifesto book for free.

Orthodontic and Surgical Management of Impacted Teeth

Orthodontic and Surgical Management of Impacted Teeth Author Vincent G. Kokich
ISBN-10 0867154454
Release 2014
Pages 177
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Orthodontic and Surgical Management of Impacted Teeth has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Orthodontic and Surgical Management of Impacted Teeth also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Orthodontic and Surgical Management of Impacted Teeth book for free.

It All Starts with Marketing

It All Starts with Marketing Author DMD Mph Dr Ann Marie Gorczyca, MS
ISBN-10 1935953567
Release 2013-06-01
Pages 174
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MARKETING The business of dentistry is more competitive than ever. An understanding of marketing will help you conquer this challenge. It All Starts With MARKETING-201 Marketing Tips for Growing a Dental Practice shares ideas, experiences and strategies to gain new patients and grow your practice. It will serve as a useful resource for the dental professional. PATIENTS With attention to your patients, their experience in your office, and the things they love, the doctor and team implement a strong internal marketing system and can make ideal dental care more available than ever before. COMMUNITY By building a unique brand and participating in community events, new patients discover you, get to know you and learn your story. Public relations is an external marketing method that should be considered for the exposure, name recognition, trust, and credibility that it gives you. RELATIONSHIPS Professional dental and medical relationships are built on trust by education, communication and participation, as well as giving of yourself to others and producing excellent dental results. Never underestimate the external marketing effectiveness of expressing acknowledgement, appreciation, kindness and love. Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca is a Clinical Adjunct Professor of Orthodontics at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, University of the Pacific, where she speaks on practice management topics including marketing, teamwork, treatment coordination, customer service, management systems and human resource management. She was a marketing speaker at the 2011 and 2012 American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Sessions. Formerly a faculty member at UCSF School of Dentistry, she has received teaching awards from UCSF and University of the Pacific Dental Schools. Dr. Gorczyca is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and is in private practice in Antioch, California. She lives in Northern California. This is her first book.

Marketing the Million Dollar Practice

Marketing the Million Dollar Practice Author Bill Williams
ISBN-10 1619200228
Release 2013-09-11
Pages 312
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Marketing The Million Dollar Practice defines the new paradigm of creating rapid growth and higher profits by generating loyal new patients for any professional practice. Dr Bill Williams, a dentist in Suwanee, GA, reveals 27 steps to follow to grow a practice 1/2 million dollars a year. Starting over with no patients, he grew from zero to $5.8 million in 10 years. Every step can be duplicated, no matter what type of professional practice employs them; they are universal truths, not just unique-to-dentistry concepts. Endorsements by dental luminaries such as Dr Mike Abernathy of Summit Practice Solutions, Dr Bruce Baird of The Productive Dentist Academy, Dr Chris Kammer of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr Bill Blatchford of Blatchford Solutions, and Gary Takacs, founder of Takacs Learning Center all point to one common recommendation: "This book is a must get, must read and must apply book if you want a thriving professional practice in today's economic climate." Marketing The Million Dollar Practice is not just book of how to's on marketing. Dr Williams takes you through his personal journey that led him to make the Big Decision to start over. He gives the reader the tools to do a mental makeover that allows a complete re-framing of what is important in life and how to negotiate that often frightening tightrope stretched between those canyon walls called failure and success. Do you need to rearrange your approach to marketing, tweak an already successful practice, or make a brand new start and create the practice of your dreams? This book is full of ideas; it can help any service business. Physicians, chiropractors, veterinarians, audiologists, spas and salons could all benefit from applying these new marketing methods. If you've ever heard of Guerrilla Marketing and want to see how it's implemented, you will want to read this book. Dr Williams is the only dentist who is a Certified Trainer in Guerrilla Marketing by Guerrilla Marketing's founder, Jay Conrad Levinson. This book includes 10 Guerrilla Marketing tactics for startup practices and his Seven Mountain Marketing Strategy. The centerpiece of Dr Williams' success is the New Patient Experience ( 93% case acceptance success). To understand how it is possible to average over $10,000 per day in production, day in and day out, as an individual practitioner, it is essential to understand the psychology of sales and marketing and why people make the decisions they do. If you are a person who wants to find answers through prayer, you will want to see how Dr. Williams and his wife, Sheila, received The Answer. Follow their spiritual journey into Africa and back. Climb the Seven Mountains of Marketing, Dr Williams own prescription for practice growth. See the view of how to run a successful business from 10,000 feet. Running a $5 million practice is not about doing all the work yourself. Dr Williams identifies the steps he took so that he could travel, take continuing education courses, do dental missions and family vacations. Learn the value of mentors and how to position yourself as a mentor to others. Finally, Dr Williams describes the Perfect Dental Storm; when it all came together and how you can also achieve a similar result. Years of being an understudy paid handsome dividends. The road to success is paved with stones collected over a lifetime of experiences. Dr Williams offers readers to take and use stones he has collected over four decades of practice. All of this would never have been possible without the inspiration and guidance of Dr Williams' main mentor, Dr Omer Reed of Phoenix, AZ. Dr Reed opens this book with his Forward that provides contextual congruity, defines how it all came to be and why this book is important. Reed says that "When the paradigm shifts, everyone starts at the beginning" and in the case of this generation, "Marketing has come a long way. The paradigm has shifted "

American Jurisprudence Trials

American Jurisprudence Trials Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105061317736
Release 1978
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An encyclopedic guide to the modern practices, techniques, and tactics used in preparing and trying cases, with model programs for the handling of all types of litigation.

The Smiling Dentist

The Smiling Dentist Author Alif Moosajee
ISBN-10 1928155308
Release 2014-09-05
Pages 114
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The Smiling Dentist has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Smiling Dentist also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Smiling Dentist book for free.

The Practice Rx

The Practice Rx Author Dino Watt
ISBN-10 1515114961
Release 2015-08-28
Pages 268
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Have you ever wondered how some doctors are making millions, working less hours, and have the most supportive and devoted teams, all while having incredible family relationships? Do you find yourself thinking more about dealing with a difficult staff member than you do on your patients? Are you ever frustrated with the fact that your formal education never actually taught you what it takes to run a successful business? Do you want to make changes in your practice and your life but you just don't know where to start? Like most doctors, you are great at what you do- providing high-level care for your patients with a passion for your profession. The challenge comes when dealing with the stress of patient cooperation, employee drama and the responsibility of running a successful practice. You become overworked, burnt out and frustrated. According to the American Psychiatric Association, private practice owners have one of the most stressful occupations in the world. Why? Trying to balance the needs of you, your business, your patients and your family can be overwhelming for most professionals. The good news? Now, you don't have to be another statistic. Practice Rx is THE "secret " for turning your practice into a thriving, fulfilling, and wildly profitable business by focusing on your relationships first! It's the business and life balance education no one ever taught you. It is the "HOW-TO" guide in transforming your business into your VISION! (If you struggle with articulating your vision, this book will help you with that as well). This unique approach to your entire business will revolutionize the way you see you, your team, and your practice. Each page of this book delivers personal and first-hand accounts of the struggles and obstacles professionals just like you experience every day. Most importantly, it provides the cure for those challenges. Starting with the fundamentals of your business, taking you through every step of a successful practice, The Practice Rx serves as a guidebook from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be. After reading The Practice Rx you will have a fresh and comprehensive approach to your business relationships, leadership skills, effective communication, lasting employee motivation, corporate culture, unique marketing and so much more! Packed with world-class principles, emotional experiences, transformational stories, and powerful exercises, this book lays out the action steps needed for you to yield the high-end results you deserve. Your days of disappointment, frustration and stress with your business, your clients, your employees and your personal life are finally no more.

Dental practice management companies

Dental practice management companies Author
ISBN-10 0967863805
Release 2000
Pages 367
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Dental practice management companies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Dental practice management companies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Dental practice management companies book for free.

Straight Talk about Crooked Teeth

Straight Talk about Crooked Teeth Author S. Kent Lauson
ISBN-10 9780983962014
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 219
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"Learn about the Lauson system and what you must know to get that 'movie star smile' without extractions or surgery."

Managing a Dental Practice

Managing a Dental Practice Author Michael R. Young
ISBN-10 9781846193965
Release 2010
Pages 134
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The parallel aims of a dental practice are to deliver excellent patient care through highly trained and motivated employees and to maximise income and profit. Achieving these aims as a practice manager demands a clear vision, sound preparation, planning and marshalling of resources, broad business knowledge, an understanding of a rapidly changing world, and above all wise judgement. So why Genghis Khan? Although some in the West see him in negative terms, the Mongol leader created one of the world's greatest empires. His hugely successful strategies included intelligence gathering, understanding his rivals' motivations, being quick to learn and adopt new technologies and ideas, and successful people management. Genghis Khan is one of history's most charismatic and dynamic leaders - and you will need all his skill, strength and tenacity to succeed in both dentistry and business. This how to.' book on survival and empire-building in the dentistry business is ideal for anyone who owns, aspires to own, or is involved in managing a practice. It contains advice relevant to both small and large practices, to dentists working in the National Health Service (NHS) and private practice, and to general and specialist practices.