Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Author Thomas Streissguth
ISBN-10 0822523744
Release 2004-11
Pages 112
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Traces the life of Vladimir Putin from his childhood in Leningrad, dreaming of becoming a spy, through his work as an agent for the KGB, to his political work, including his time as president of Russia.

Vladimir Putin and Russian Statecraft

Vladimir Putin and Russian Statecraft Author Allen Lynch
ISBN-10 9781597975872
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 184
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An interpretive biography of one of Russia's most formidable leaders

Die russische Wirtschaftspolitik unter Vladimir Putin

Die russische Wirtschaftspolitik unter Vladimir Putin Author
ISBN-10 9783640151707
Release 2008-09-02
Pages 27
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2007 im Fachbereich BWL - Wirtschaftspolitik, Note: 2,3, Universität Hamburg (Department Wirtschaftswissenschaften), Veranstaltung: Aktuelle Probleme der russischen Wirtschaftspolitik, 29 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Nach dem Zusammenbruch der sozialistischen Planwirtschaft 1991 bewegt sich die Beziehung vom Staat zur Wirtschaft in Russland zwischen zwei Extremen. Zum einen lässt sich in den 1990er Jahren, in der Jelzinära , bis hin zum Ende des Jahres 2003, in etwa das Ende Putins erster Amtszeit, eine Dominanz der Wirtschaft, bzw. einzelner Wirtschaftseliten, den so genannten Oligarchen, über den Staat, feststellen (siehe Anhang 1). Sowohl die föderalen als auch die regionalen Behörden waren unter der Kontrolle oligarchischer Finanzmittel (vgl. Yakovlev 2006, 1033). Diese Form der Beziehung zwischen Staat und Wirtschaft lässt sich als „State Capture“, als „Herrschaft der Wirtschaft über den Staat“, beschreiben. Seit dem Beginn Putins zweiter Amtszeit im März 2004 scheint eine Verlagerung dieser Dominanz zum Staat über die Wirtschaft stattzufinden. Dieses Phänomen bezeichnet Yakovlev (2006, 1048) als „Business Capture“, bzw. als „Herrschaft des Staates über die Wirtschaft“. Im Folgenden soll erarbeitet werden, wie sich in Russland die Beziehung zwischen Staat und Wirtschaft entwickelte. Es werden Annahmen über Putins Absichten und seinen politischen Kurs in Bezug auf das Verhältnis zwischen Staat und Wirtschaft herausgearbeitet. Die Gewichtung hierbei liegt insbesondere auf der Beziehung zwischen der Regierung und den wirtschaftlich sowie politisch sehr einflussreichen Oligarchen. „Die zentrale Frage ist, ob nach der „gelenkten Demokratie“, die in wesentlichen Zügen bereits während der ersten Amtsperiode Putins von 2000 bis 2004 etabliert wurde, in der zweiten Amtszeit nun auch die Schaffung einer „gelenkten Wirtschaft“ folgen soll“ (Pleines 2005a, 6). In Kapitel zwei werden zunächst die Begriffe „State Capture“ und „Business Capture“ erklärt. Im Anschluss folgt in Kapitel drei eine kurze Darstellung, inwiefern „State Capture“ im Russland der 1990er, unter Jelzins Regierung, stattgefunden hat. In Kapitel vier wird herausgearbeitet, wie es zum so genannten „Business Capture“ unter Putin kam, um dann in der Schlussbemerkung Vermutungen darüber anzustellen, was Putin eigentlich mit seiner Politik bezweckt.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Author Aaron Rosenberg
ISBN-10 9781427092175
Release 2008-10-13
Pages 118
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Vladimir Putin has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Vladimir Putin also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Vladimir Putin book for free.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Author Charles J. Shields
ISBN-10 9781438104799
Release 2006
Pages 121
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The Russian democratic experiment continues under its third president, Vladimir Putin. This work traces the life of the Russian statesman, from his boyhood in the slums of Leningrad, to his service in the Soviet secret police, to his rise to the presidency.

Vladimir Putin and the New World Order

Vladimir Putin and the New World Order Author Joseph Laurence Black
ISBN-10 0742529665
Release 2004
Pages 367
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J. L. Black's latest work is a rich and carefully crafted attempt to expose the textures of Russia's perceptions of itself and its place in the world. Based almost entirely on Russian sources, Vladimir Putin and the New World Order argues that to understand Russian foreign policymaking, international situations must be viewed through the prism of Russian analysts and officials.

First Person

First Person Author Vladimir Putin
ISBN-10 9780786723270
Release 2000-05-05
Pages 208
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Who is this Vladimir Putin? Who is this man who suddenly--overnight and without warning--was handed the reigns of power to one of the most complex, formidable, and volatile countries in the world? How can we trust him if we don't know him? First Person is an intimate, candid portrait of the man who holds the future of Russia in his grip. An extraordinary compilation of over 24 hours of in-depth interviews and remarkable photographs, it delves deep into Putin's KGB past and explores his meteoric rise to power. No Russian leader has ever subjected himself to this kind of public examination of his life and views. Both as a spy and as a virtual political unknown until selected by Boris Yeltsin to be Prime Minister, Putin has been regarded as man of mystery. Now, the curtain lifts to reveal a remarkable life of struggles and successes. Putin's life story is of major importance to the world.

A History of Modern Russia from Nicholas II to Vladimir Putin

A History of Modern Russia from Nicholas II to Vladimir Putin Author Robert Service
ISBN-10 067401801X
Release 2005
Pages 658
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Russia had an extraordinary twentieth century, undergoing upheaval and transformation. Updating his acclaimed History of Twentieth-Century Russia through 2002, Robert Service provides a panoramic perspective on a country whose Soviet past encompassed revolution, civil war, mass terror, and two world wars. He shows how seven decades of communist rule, which penetrated every aspect of Soviet life, continue to influence Russia today. This new edition also discusses continuing economic and social difficulties at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the military campaign in Chechnya, and Russia's reduced role on the world stage.

The Strongman

The Strongman Author Angus Roxburgh
ISBN-10 9781780765044
Release 2013-05-28
Pages 368
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Draws on firsthand accounts in a portrait of Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin that considers how the nation has not been the democratic ally hoped for by the West, offering insight into Putin's political history and his aspirations for a post-Communist Russia.

The Man Without a Face

The Man Without a Face Author Masha Gessen
ISBN-10 9781847085962
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 480
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The Man Without a Face is the chilling account of how a small-minded, low-level KGB operative came to control the world's largest country and, in an astonishingly short time, destroyed years of progress, making Russia once more a threat to her own people and to the world. Handpicked in 1999 by the 'Family' surrounding an ailing and increasingly unpopular Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin, with very little governmental or administrative experience beyond having served as deputy mayor of St Petersburg, seemed like the perfect choice in the eyes of an oligarchy bent on moulding the president's successor to its own designs. Suddenly the boy who had scrapped his way through post-war Leningrad schoolyards, dreaming of ruling the world, was a public figure, and his popularity soared. Russia and an infatuated West were determined to see the progressive leader of their dreams, even as with ruthless efficiency Putin dismantled the country's media, wrested control and wealth from the country's burgeoning business class, and decimated the fragile mechanisms of democracy. Within a few brief years, virtually every obstacle to his unbridled control was removed and every opposing voice silenced, with political rivals and critics driven into exile or to the grave. As a journalist living in Moscow, Masha Gessen experienced this history firsthand, and for The Man Without a Face she has drawn on information and sources no other writer has tapped. Her horrifying and spellbinding account of how this 'faceless' man manoeuvred his way into absolute - and absolutely corrupt - power will stand as a classic of narrative non-fiction.

Vladimir Putin A Geostrategic Russian Icon In the Shadow of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin A Geostrategic Russian Icon  In the Shadow of Ukraine Author Goeran B. Johansson
ISBN-10 9781365130748
Release 2016-06-27
Pages 174
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The year is 2014, and Vladimir Putin enjoys great popularity among the Russian population. As great that two thirds of the population want to see him as the President of Russia beyond the year of 2018th. But it remains to be seen whether Putin managed to hold its own internationally in his effort to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine. Simultaneously behind the events in Ukraine is intensified a process that will lead to a paradigm shift in the world order where the US loses its dominant power in world politics.

Securitising Russia

Securitising Russia Author Edwin Bacon
ISBN-10 9781847796363
Release 2013-07-19
Pages 224
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Securitising Russia shows the impact of twenty-first-century security concerns on the way Russia is ruled. It demonstrates how President Putin has wrestled with terrorism, immigration, media freedom, religious pluralism, and economic globalism, and argues that fears of a return to old-style authoritarianism oversimplify the complex context of contemporary Russia. The book focuses on the internal security issues common to many states in the early twenty-first-century, and places them in the particular context of Russia. Detailed analysis of the place of security in Russia's political discourse and policy-making reveals nuances often missing from overarching assessments of Russia today. To characterise the Putin regime as the 'KGB-resurgent' is to miss vital continuities, contexts, and on-going political conflicts which make up the contemporary Russian scene. Securitising Russia draws together current debates about whether Russia is a 'normal' country developing its own democratic and market structures, or a nascent authoritarian regime returning to the past.


VLADIMIR PUTIN  Munich Author Vladimir Putin
ISBN-10 9789674306083
Pages 110
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VLADIMIR PUTIN Munich has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from VLADIMIR PUTIN Munich also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full VLADIMIR PUTIN Munich book for free.

Vladimir Putin Direct Speech Without Cuts

Vladimir Putin   Direct Speech Without Cuts Author World Freedom Foundation
ISBN-10 9781329390928
Release 2015-07-19
Pages 278
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Vladimir Putin - Direct Speech Without Cuts - Russian Strategy for Winning the Geopolitical Game The books contains major foreign policy and national security speeches of the Russian President. In these speeches Mr. Putin expressed his personal views on the Russian foreign policy, security and economic strategy. He outlines basic strategic directions Russia will follow in the near future. Everyone who wants to understand logic and approach of Mr. Putin to resolving the geopolitical crisis have to read his speeches without cuts.

Elections Without Order

Elections Without Order Author Richard Rose
ISBN-10 0521016444
Release 2002-08-15
Pages 262
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Russians want free elections and order. Presents unrivalled survey data on the challenge facing Putin.

Vladimir Putin A Geostrategic Russian Icon A Eurasian Continent A Russian Superpower A Charismatic World Leader

Vladimir Putin  A Geostrategic Russian Icon   A Eurasian Continent  A Russian Superpower   A Charismatic World Leader Author Goeran B. Johansson
ISBN-10 9789198375954
Release 2017-01-22
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This is the third book in the series ""Vladimir Putin. A Geostrategic Russian Icon"" which describes in detail the last two years in Russia's ongoing strategy to work with China within the BRICS and the SCO, to deprive the United States its global leading role in the ongoing process of creating a multipolar world with multiple centres of power. The text is based on various international sources, with touches of the author's own analysis and the reader gets an entirely different and more nuanced picture of the dramatic situation in the world than the established media conveys. We get to follow all the way from the drama with Boeing MH17 over Ukraine in 2014, the Islamic State, Russian, Chinese and American military development, and the crisis in the South China Sea, Sweden and finally the dramatic developments in the United States in connection with presidential elections.

Vladimir Putin and Russia Imperial Revival

Vladimir Putin and Russia  Imperial Revival Author DavidE. McNabb
ISBN-10 9781351537254
Release 2017-07-05
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Discerning the early stages of the rebirth of a new Russian empire from the ashes of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Putin and Russia?s Imperial Revival argues that Russia?s recent overtly aggressive actions and foreign policy doctrines have signaled a renewal of the Cold War. At the least, Russia?s actions represent the potential for renewal. This book explains these developments in a historical context.The book begins by describing Russia?s initial policy of rapprochement after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its development into a foreign policy of threatened or actual armed aggression. It identifies today?s Russia as a nation determined to re-establish itself as a political and military force. As a prominent figure in the development and continuation of its current foreign policy, Vladimir Putin plays a central role in the topics covered.Previous literature often treats Putin as an individual phenomenon examining his connections to corruption or the secret police, but here David E. McNabb examines him as the latest in a long history of Russian despots who followed similar expansionist policies. He details some of the tactics Putin uses to instill fear and dominate political policies of republics newly independent from Russia. These tactics include the use of energy as a weapon, cyber terrorism, and military support for ethnic Russian separatists in other sovereign nations, most recently exemplified by Russia?s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine via armed invasion.In an attempt to demystify Russia?s re-emergence as an international political force, Vladimir Putin and Russia?s Imperial Revival grounds its analyses in history. It explores as far back as the establishment of the first Russian empire, and regards Putin as a leader determined to establish a fifth imperial incarnation. It provides a nuanced understanding of how Russia arrived at its current position through recent and distant internal and international events.